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post #151043 :: 2022.01.17 3:48pm
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Hello, and good day!

I am feeling curious about topics BotBrs may share about: Perhaps we may get to know ourselves better from! Everyone is welcome to bring up a topic and reply to a, at anytime.

How is your day?
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post #151044 :: 2022.01.17 3:50pm
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aww this is so cute!! am doing tastily!! how abt yournself??
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post #151045 :: 2022.01.17 3:53pm
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im doing very well, day was a little meh, because i was very tired, but this doesnt stop my mood from being amazing and great all day~

the weather in the past days was very rainy and windy... something that usually lifts my mood even more, idk... its so cool to look out the window drinking tea and looking at the trees moving in the wind.

i feel like taking more walks again. luckily, a friend of mine will visit me this or upcomin week and we will walk around together. its always a lot of fun!
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post #151051 :: 2022.01.17 5:25pm
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Cool idea.

Things are pretty good. Life has had some rough patches the last few years, and some ongoing challenges with special needs kids at home amongst other stuffs, so I've been looking for a more active outlet than games alone to help keep me sane. :) I'm trying to get myself outside the comfort zone and to try out new things that scare me because I tell myself I can't do them. Well SCREW that I say :)

January is gloomy....lucky for me I'm a type that enjoys gloomy weather.
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post #151073 :: 2022.01.18 7:07am
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mirageofher post #151044: My days have been feeling nice to me: I have lately been feeling my skin particularly soft, and hair clean by covering an massaging myself in porous mud, and showering with water via a hose; I wonder if the porousity of mud whilst massaging is a factor on. I have noticed that mud readily cleans off dead cells from, and by, I differ from having to rub my skin hard with my hands to, instead; I am feeling the tendons of my fingers better rested, by. Thank you for asking about, mirageofher!
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post #151074 :: 2022.01.18 7:36am
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Nice topic, well, what could I talk about? x) Well, January started the gloomy way for me but in the Southern France we already have a lot of sun. Since I moved last summer into a home that is more sunny, I endure way less bad feelings. Also, I will soon be back to school. Neither community management nor web development was for me. I'll be "full game design" and I'm in it for 3 more years of studies. Aside, I am actually scrolling BotB since I'm not yet used of every corner of it. The XHB thing is intriguing, and I guess I'll step into the arena sooner. x)

Also, walking is fun. Oh, sure, I am often full of energy so I need to walk regularely elseway I implode. But hey, walking is fun, especially when the weather is clement. I just hoped for more snow around here, but for the locals, the word "snow" is almost a vulgarity. :)

Also, I try to get more social =)
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post #151077 :: 2022.01.18 8:40am
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i ate two bags of grapes today. it remains to be seen whether my body will accept or reject them
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post #151093 :: 2022.01.18 1:56pm
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recently i caused hearing loss in my right ear due to an accident with my speakers and i rented a bass clarinet
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post #151094 :: 2022.01.18 5:32pm
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tennisers post #151093: Thank you for sharing the, I interpret as experience that you mention recently caused, relating your speakers: I deem that your action of can offer valuable wisdom.

About bass clarinet: Thank you for mentioning about; I was unaware about the existence of! Listening at the video that is featured in the web page that the next hyperlink goes to, containing a bass clarinet solo:

Gave images of an entry in the Metal Slug arcade video game series on my mind, and by, I realized that bass clarinet is an instrument that I associate with a lead instrument featured in original sound track of! I am visualizing you enjoying of fun times from the bass clarinet that you mention rented!
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I worked a lot in December and as soon as the last gig of the year ended I got sick. I figured one of the choirs gave me THAT but it wasn't that. I was stuck in bed for a while, then when I was able to not be, I couldn't hear out of one ear (also right.... CONSPIRACY) had a hell of a time finding a doctor (America!) and as soon as I had enough hearing to work on things again (all stuff requiring my ears) my computer broke! Oh and also the school I work for canceled all events because everyone here is sick (with THAT).

Things are mostly normal again. Computer is recognizing most of my plug-ins and most of my hearing is back. Grateful to be able to do things again.
I'm booking my first tour since Jan 2020 and am cautiously optimistic that the uh... Numbers will go down by then as they seemed to last year. If things stay on track hopefully some east coast BotBrs in the US will hang out and/or watch me yell at you at some point on the journey! It's always a cool feeling to be like "hey, you're from the online song game too!"
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post #151105 :: 2022.01.19 12:15pm
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hell yeah bubble gun, lmk when you're touring or else!

2022 has been really exciting for me so far, in a good way! i shan't say more but i have high hopes for the future (until yknow, climate catastrophe et al)
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post #151430 :: 2022.02.02 1:38pm :: edit 2022.02.02 2:05pm
A kind of drum machine for Nintendo Entertainment System platforms named as cajoNES, by Neil Baldwin, one may find a download link for in the web page that the next hyperlink leads at:

May be patched for the next effects:
To remove flashing in cajoNES logo when a track is being played:
Patch 3 bytes EA EA EA to file address 0x4098
Patch 3 bytes EA EA EA to file address 0x40bb
Patch 3 bytes EA EA EA to file address 0x40d0

To remove flashing in cajoNES cursor and arrow when a track is being played:
Patch 3 bytes EA EA EA to file address 0x440e

To customize cajoNES color:
Edit 32 bytes from file address 0x5111 with values for colors that the table the next hyperlink leads to; the first color of every four bytes may be used for transparency:

A patched version of cajoNES that differs from having its cursor, arrow, and logo flashing when playing a track may be downloaded via the next hyperlink:
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post #151483 :: 2022.02.04 7:46am
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did you know that Larry Graham is the inventor of slap bass and that he is also Drake's uncle

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