Oh my goodness gravy, Arcade YM2151 is not a format yet!
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Is this the Botb you know and love? Without this beautiful butterfly of frequency modulation listed as a format in our proud collection?! I think not!!

Okay, but in truth x))) Would it be possible to make ym2151 its own format? Besides deflemask I know of no other trackers that does 2151, but maybe there are.
With deflemask currently not a hosting format, wildchip would be the best way to host a ym2151, but it just seems like an unusual state for the poor chip to be in. What be the thoughts and opinions on this? Could it be made a format?
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Also I apologize about bringing this up JUST as puke as blessed us with a new format in the form of teletext (which kleeder than took all the credit for!!!) I thank our bearded supresama for all the exciting formats we have, old and new.
I love fm and I wanted to give it a whirl, and theres nothing like a badge hunt to act as added motivation for trying new things! (right kleeder? >:))
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post #150518 :: 2021.12.31 12:50am :: edit 2021.12.31 1:08am
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ill try ym2151 (x68000 ftw! \o/ ) on my humble microtonal tracker, but i think ill try ym2612 and ym2413 before (and talking about ym2413, why not smsj format as well? ;) ]
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post #150520 :: 2021.12.31 1:04am
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cmon i want this
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post #150521 :: 2021.12.31 2:31am
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Ensure me Sharp X68000 becomes a format, and I will make it a personal priority to continue and finish my MXDRV compiler in Q1/Q2 2022 (support for both Deflatemask and two MML flavours).
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post #150522 :: 2021.12.31 2:57am
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delta, if u cld finish the lyceum article for it or at least clean it up a bit more, it wld be a great help!
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OPM is right , we need an OPM format!

Aside from deflemask, I believe one could also use the VOPMEX plugin (an enhanced version of VOPM) to log .S98 files, which would then be playable on hardware through G.I.M.I.C. (tho I've yet to try this functionality myself).
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Baron Knoxburry
post #150532 :: 2021.12.31 10:49am
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iirc the reason YM2151 isn't a format yet is some of us were waiting for toolage that also provides OKI chip sample playback since many arcade boards and the X68000 had those chips paired together
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post #150534 :: 2021.12.31 1:13pm :: edit 2021.12.31 1:13pm
(I don't know what an oki chip sample is x))
But this didnt seem like an issue for deflemask ym2151 export renders?
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post #150540 :: 2021.12.31 6:18pm
as far as i understand it, it means there is no tool which can utilize the chip features fully, and the format only rly makes sense if there is a tool which can actually use the full potential of the chip?
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post #150541 :: 2021.12.31 7:01pm
ADPCM and voice synthesizer?
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Baron Knoxburry
post #150559 :: 2022.01.01 3:49pm
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no the OKI is its own chip
it has nothing to do with the YM2151 except that they were paired up together to make video game music and sfx in a lot of machines
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post #150568 :: 2022.01.01 10:57pm
Aaah okay I understand now!
Would it be worth having ym2151 without OKI as a format, or would that be monotonous in the face of already having nec and other fm formats? Could also always update it later when the tools for oki format are developed.
An 8 channel fm format is something we don't have.
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post #150578 :: 2022.01.02 11:38am
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It seems like YM2151 would be dope, with YM2151+OKI being an offshoot of that. Perhaps having YM2151 as a format could light a fire under someone who has been putting off developing for OKI in 10 years. I dunno.
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post #150595 :: 2022.01.03 3:02pm
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rare mel activity
i would support the YM2151 being on its own, it can achieve quite a lot without assistance from samplers or whatever

i get many arcade and home systems use it in conjunction with something else, but it'd probably be a mess to try to support anything more? i dunno, there's a LOT that can be paired up with it, i'd rather have formats for those be specific to those

perhaps YM2151 and YM2151+ could be two formats, one is pure YM2151, the other one is YM2151 plus ONE other chip (and it could be anything within the VGM spec maybe... imagine ym2151+pokey... or ym2151+ym2151, that's valid too)

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