Thoughts: Battle of the Bits game modes.
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Level 22 Pedagogist
post #149473 :: 2021.11.29 5:39am
  Tilde, kleeder, nitrofurano and mirageofher liēkd this
Hello, and good day! I am desiring to share about with you that I have lately been feeling attracted to think about two alternative, optional Battle of the Bits game modes:
Adventure mode:
BotBrs only earn points from the scoring of the first seven entries submitted at four hour battles of each format: A special leaderboard displays scores of BotBrs playing in adventure mode: Irreversible, and optionally chosen at Battle of the Bits account creation time, BotBr type becomes adventurist: Upon submiting 7 entries on every format to four hour battles, its adventurist BotBr type icon becomes silver, or gold, if also every entry scored 20.000 or above. Its adventurist BotBr type icon becomes bronze, if new formats appear after having earned a silver or gold adventurist BotBr type icon.

Hardcore adventure mode:
Is as adventure mode, but a BotBr stops receiving points after its first four hour battle entry scoring less than 20.000: A BotBr adventurist type icon becomes gray to indicate so. Their scores are featured in a hardcore adventure mode leaderboard, and a badge indicates hardcore adventure mode being active for a BotBr. It is optionally chosen at Battle of the Bits account creation time, and reversable to adventure mode, if all three: Every four hour battles an entry has been submitted at, has concluded, and its account has never had a gray, silver, or gold adventurist BotBr type icon. If chosen so, the leaderboard category that BotBr account is featured on, is changed to the adventure mode leaderboard, and the BotBr hardcore mode badge is removed.

Do you feel attracted about alternative Battle of the Bits game modes? If so, may I ask: How is it like?
Level 25 XHBist
post #149481 :: 2021.11.29 10:28am
  kleeder and nitrofurano liēkd this
i.. think it wld be difficult for them to be irreversable lol,
ppl who come to the site for the first time may not know how difficult these may be

it does sounds kinda fun though hehe
Level 23 Chipist
post #149558 :: 2021.12.01 9:59pm
  mirageofher and kleeder liēkd this
oh now you're speaking my language

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