i am doing a daily "battle" series on gravitybreak!
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post #149346 :: 2021.11.25 1:27pm :: edit 2021.11.28 5:36pm
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CURRENT DAY: taking a break, will be back soon!

the battles will have a day-long entry period, and there will be a new one each day. if you are interested in writing songs regularly, this will be a fun way to get involved...

update: i apparently can't do them daily bc its too expensive on the website. i'll post them here when i manage to make one!

update 2: i have received enough hearts for fourteen daily battles. let the games begin

previous days:

DAY 1 https://gravitybreak.media/wall.php?c=112 (11+1 entries!) (+3MP)
DAY 2 https://gravitybreak.media/wall.php?c=113 (7 entries!) (+2MP)
DAY 3 https://gravitybreak.media/wall.php?c=114 (10 entries!) (+3MP)
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post #149347 :: 2021.11.25 1:38pm
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this is now a sponsored event
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post #149401 :: 2021.11.26 3:34pm
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https://gravitybreak.media/wall.php?c=113 here is the second day! (i am going to update the current day in the first post)
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post #149441 :: 2021.11.27 5:09pm
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post #149463 :: 2021.11.28 11:21am
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its slightly intense doing these every day, so i might make it three times a week!
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post #149466 :: 2021.11.28 1:57pm
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if you do make it 3x a week, i will definitely host a 24hb somewhere in between, you cannot stop me ;3
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post #149467 :: 2021.11.28 2:09pm
  mirageofher liēkd this
doing it fewer times per week is going to be ideal for obvious reasons next month

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