Feature Request: Silver and Golden Play Butts
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Level 31 Chipist
post #149001 :: 2021.11.17 5:51am
  Lincent, doctorn0gloff, nitrofurano, Torodicus, cabbage drop, numbers, Xaser, kfaraday and Tilde liēkd this
this is directly stolen from youtube, where you get a silver play button after reaching 100k subscribers and a golden one after reaching 1M subs

what if we do a similar thing on botb?
after reaching 100K points, you get a silver butt on ur profile (similar to the mighty/ascended badges, and after reaching 1M points you get a golden butt!

-> yes, this idea is dumb enough to get its own feature request

if not this, i think at least another little badge for the level30-club should be a thingie, we have quiet a few botbrs at lvl30 or approaching lvl30
Level 26 Mixist
post #149007 :: 2021.11.17 6:47am :: edit 2021.11.17 11:15am
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1M points is basically getting grand wizard status and 100K pretty much gets you into the >=30 club :p (± some thousand points)
e: changed `>` to `>=` because pedantry
Level 31 Chipist
post #149009 :: 2021.11.17 6:57am :: edit 2021.11.17 6:57am
  mirageofher, argarak and kfaraday liēkd this
yes, so a badge for reaching lvl30 and/or 33 makes more sense than some sexy butts, is that what youre trying to say? :D
Level 26 Mixist
post #149016 :: 2021.11.17 11:14am :: edit 2021.11.17 11:14am
  kleeder liēkd this
yeah, that would make more sense i feel heh
Level 27 Chipist
post #149043 :: 2021.11.18 6:32am
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Stop farming, you won! Relax and make art
Level 31 Chipist
post #149044 :: 2021.11.18 7:23am
  tree, kalii, cabbage drop, argarak, mirageofher and OminPigeonMaster liēkd this
im not farming, i am collecting. you can both collect and relax and make art. i joined botb to make and share art and i stayed on botb to make and share art.

botb aims to be an online community for making and sharing art but also works as an mmorpg due to its mechanics. just acting like these mechanics dont exist is fair, but it is also taking a giant fun factor out of this whole thing. i could simply start a soundclown account if i just wanna relax and make art without these game-features.

theres nothing in the way of both having fun/making art and go for cool badges and trophies on ur profile. for me, its more the mix of both which keeps me motivated and i bet im not the only one.

promoting new feature ideas around the game/badge-mechanics is not a thing i simply do to have one more silly icon on my profile. i know i "won", theres no reason for me to keep collecting apart from doing it for myself. to keep having fun with botb and the art i create on here. i would compose that much anyway, even outside of botb, because its my passion and i enjoy it. doing it on botb just means its easier for me to keep track of my work, my (personal) achievements and things i can still improve. i dont need more reasons to be motivated, i already have a million reasons that come from myself rather than botb's mechanics at this point.

if i ask for a button, which i would get immediately once implemented, it would be pointless for myself anyway, because theres no need for me to aim for it and work towards it. i could also just go to puke and ask him to add random icons to my profile. new ideas around the game mechanics coming from me are usually things that i think could motivate other community members more. if features/new badges can get other people more excited to create art and share it with us, i think its an ultimate win for both us(the community) and the site itself.

thx for reading.
Level 25 XHBist
post #149054 :: 2021.11.18 10:39am
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butt shiny, me want
Level 11 Mixist
post #149060 :: 2021.11.18 5:44pm
  tennisers, cabbage drop and mirageofher liēkd this
i would like this featurebecause bottoms are pretty funny
Level 27 Chipist
post #149084 :: 2021.11.19 6:58am :: edit 2021.11.19 6:58am
  xterm, doctorn0gloff, YQN, mirageofher, kleeder and Webriprob liēkd this
as it is right now, the idea sounds awfully close to mighty/ascended badges (yes they use levels as criteria, not points, but lets face it, levels are determined by points so the criteria ends up being kind of the same anyway)

i'd like the idea more if it was decided based on something else -- maybe number of plays and/or favs on your entries. maybe something that would still encourage participation, but with quality over quantity in mind or something? i dunno

but the main point of my comment is that, as i see it right now, this idea is just rebranded mighty/ascended badges, so not much point for its existence right now imo
Level 31 Chipist
post #149090 :: 2021.11.19 10:48am
  xterm, raphaelgoulart and mirageofher liēkd this
i would like some kind of "play count total" and "fav count total" displayed somewhere on ur profile, and linked to badges.
sounds actually cool!
Level 25 XHBist
post #149092 :: 2021.11.19 12:28pm
  Lincent, raphaelgoulart and kleeder liēkd this
fav count is a good idea imo but play count... i am not sure

maybe it cld be a movie or smth

PLAYCOUNT TOTAL: Attack of the Bots
Level 27 Chipist
post #149095 :: 2021.11.19 1:13pm
  xterm, mirageofher and kleeder liēkd this
agreed that fav count is a far better option than play count for this
Level 23 Chipist
post #149117 :: 2021.11.20 6:51am
how is fav count better than play count? you can play a track multiple times, you can only fave once, and you can't unfave. the number of plays seems more significant to me. or is it because some bots make the stats unusable for this purpose?
Level 27 Chipist
post #149122 :: 2021.11.20 9:14am :: edit 2021.11.20 9:23am
yep, bots; which could be partially mitigated by tracking plays only from logged users, but the risk would still be there. (you bring up good points though)

edit: it might not be too difficult to track bot usage (abnormal number of plays within a small timeframe = bot), but i remember a bug where iOS users hitting the play button would add like 100 or so to the play count. i think this bug has been fixed since then, but my point is that there could be false positives when trying to detect botted plays (on top of being more work for puke7 with little reward (imo) anyway)

edit 2: i'm unable to find said bug report (the closest i can get is this) so i'm probably wrong
Level 31 Chipist
post #149124 :: 2021.11.20 10:08am
  doctorn0gloff, mirageofher and raphaelgoulart liēkd this
ios mass play bug has been fixed yes.

fav count is "better" because its more an achievement if people are actually liekng ur song that much that they either DL/played it 5 tiems or clicked the fav button itself.
older entries hav thousands of downloads and plays just because of bots scraping the page. favs are less [just numbers] and more [usernames next to the entry], so counting them and giving a badge once you earned an amount of x [names next to your entries], makes much more sense to me.

jsut the displayinmg itself of total favs would be interesting. i guess kef, strobe, hertz, fod are very high up in the total rankings, but maybe there are surprises :o
Level 27 Chipist
post #149125 :: 2021.11.20 10:38am :: edit 2021.11.20 10:44am
  mirageofher liēkd this
it'd also be cool if we had a list of total plays (especially if we can filter out unlogged plays, else it might not mean much) to compare the results with the total favs list. it'll either be close enough to the top fav list, or will feature shorter (more replayable) songs (or other stuff too), or maybe something else entirely! and then we can have fun discussing why that is (once again, if unlogged plays are filtered out, for meaningful results)

but this is entirely unrelated from the badge idea lol
Level 24 Chipist
post #149132 :: 2021.11.20 1:40pm
what about 56k, 560k, 5600k, etc.? ;)

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