SF2 Files-The adventure of the succ
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post #148627 :: 2021.11.05 10:15am
  kleeder liēkd this
So you see, I wish to host more remix batols, but there is a problem >:0
I am burdened with a large quantity of sf2 files.
No one seems to like sf2. I can use them at a pinch, but for me also they slow down my daw a little.
Whats the least tedious way sf2's can be converted to wavs? would doing a remix batol with sf2 files to use be a bad idea?
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post #148630 :: 2021.11.05 11:58am
  OminPigeonMaster liēkd this
i think having samples as mp3s in zips is preferred on botb.. or wavs, but they are big and bitpack sizes are limited.
i wouldnt mind sf2 packs, but i agree wav or mp3 would be better. i dont know about conversion tools because i never needed them,,,, whoops sry
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post #148651 :: 2021.11.06 1:27am
  cabbage drop, mirageofher, OminPigeonMaster and argarak liēkd this
There is an sf2extract program that does what it says, extracts samples from a .sf2 file to .wav files. It's part of libgig here: https://www.linuxsampler.org/libgig/ (has Windows binaries as well)
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post #148691 :: 2021.11.06 9:18pm :: edit 2021.11.06 9:19pm
Ooooo!!! funute thank you!! this might be invaluable to me if I can figure it out (I am rather teh dumb sometimes (x )
yaaar kleed it seems like a lotta people dont like sf2
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post #148692 :: 2021.11.07 1:13am
  OminPigeonMaster liēkd this
"it seems like a lotta people dont like sf2"
(which is sad because i use sf2 for pretty much everything LOL

anyways, since i always use to record directly from polyphone into audacity (which was a huge pain hehe), teh tool will be rly useful to me. thankies funute~

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