Teams (a recurring stupid idea?)
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post #148553 :: 2021.11.03 10:08am :: edit 2021.11.03 10:09am
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In nature, individuals tend to form teams to beat opponents. How come botb hasn't evolved a team system? (I did search the site for the keyword "teams", surely this has been discussed already)
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post #148556 :: 2021.11.03 11:28am
i don't know if it is in the same context of what i mentioned in another thread, about submissions only being valid when at least one collab is added (or better, the battle host would define the minimum of collab to be considered valid)
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post #148557 :: 2021.11.03 12:51pm
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post #148558 :: 2021.11.03 12:55pm
Hello, and good day! The section of the lyceum article that the next hyperlink leads at, expands about concepts I deem similar to the team one I am currently interpreting that you propose, YQN:
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post #148571 :: 2021.11.03 10:08pm
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What a great idea, I could use some more pigeon subordinates >:)
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post #148572 :: 2021.11.03 11:16pm :: edit 2021.11.03 11:31pm
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i feel like sometimes there is drama on the website (which is fine lol, stuff happens from time to time...) and ppl probably dont need an "extra layer of making it awkward if they fell out with somebody"... so imo no to "self-defined clans" but clans that the website owner or compo owner makes (for fun, per contest) wld b really interesting

(like there cld b compos where ppl define groups like "TEAM NERDS" vs "TEAM BEATS" (assigns users to these based on discernment/self-signup for the contest))
Level 22 Playa
post #148592 :: 2021.11.04 9:18am
  YQN liēkd this
i like kef's idea here, per-battle teams/clans would make things nicely non-committal. even if you come to dislike a clan-mate in the future, it wouldn't make sense to try to deny that at one time in the past you collab'd...
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post #148612 :: 2021.11.04 10:07pm
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post #148615 :: 2021.11.04 10:40pm
I like the idea of clans in that it adds some more video-gamey elements to the site, but I feel like the way it's currently presented feels kinda weird and exclusionary. but that might just be me, idk.
Level 29 Chipist
post #148619 :: 2021.11.05 12:58am
  nitrofurano liēkd this
there is kind of groups that form organically but its mostly like groups of people who want to battle against each other.
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post #148622 :: 2021.11.05 8:11am
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me anfd kleeder would definitely be a clan
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post #148636 :: 2021.11.05 2:50pm
  mirageofher liēkd this
didn't think of those potential side effects, there must be ways to implement team games that do not induce unnecessary drama though (but maybe not worth coding). i like the idea of randomly assigned teams in the scope of a major

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