Weird behaviors around mixed media entries like doom or html
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post #148282 :: 2021.10.28 1:22am
  argarak, mirageofher, xterm, wednesdaylinux, kfaraday, damifortune, puke7, kleeder and nitrofurano liēkd this
(originally posted this in #botb_dev but figured this could use a thread for better discussion/tracking)

First off, thanks for fixing the original mixed media render issue earlier! However, I think I found some more bugs/possibly unintended behavior/"features":

- For doom (e.g., the render links to a page with the wad data as text/html. This should probably direct link to either the screenshot or the .wad donload.
- For html/html5 entries that are just the .html (e.g., the render links to the actual html page (with styling and all). Not sure if this is intended or it should link to the donload (or screenshot) instead.
- Looks like svg entries do this too (e.g. The render links to the actual svg where the browser actually displays the graphics.
- For html/html5 entries that are .zip (e.g., the render link does the same as .wad where it displays a page with the .zip data.

Also, maybe related, but in the entry browser some tic80 entries are "audio only" (e.g. and others are "other only" (e.g. From what I can tell maybe the type got changed at some point, since the "audio only" tic80 entries stopped at Sep 6 '19 and the "other only" entries started at May 17 '20. Also, the tic80 entries from this OHB do not have renders (since they are technically graphical entries) but show up in the "audio only" filter, and the entry pages get the audio controls UI when signed out. The "other only" tic80 entries do show "Up Render" instead of "up mp3" and prompt for an image upload on the render upload page.

Sorry again if I'm being that weirdo finding these obscure bugs and making you do some dumb extra work to fix them haha 😅
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post #148343 :: 2021.10.30 4:12am
  mirageofher liēkd this
Bump, found another idiosyncrasy while doing a bunch of renders: the html5 entries in GraphX are considered audio type when they are clearly graphical/visual ^^

Specifically, the affected entries are:
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post #148380 :: 2021.10.30 6:21pm
  eveningmars liēkd this
the draw rules specify that you must render your entry as mp3. don't change this
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post #148559 :: 2021.11.03 1:12pm
  xterm liēkd this
RE: SVG I mentioned to puke that webm would be a good render format for animated entries. Not sure where this got to
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post #148562 :: 2021.11.03 2:16pm :: edit 2021.11.03 2:20pm
i think using iframes (i also suggested this a while back) would be a better idea since modern browsers are pretty good at rendering SVG and then you're not storing a whole load of video (which is sometimes a significant storage investment). iframes can't access the parent page contents so it should be secure from any XSS too. could also be a viable way for html and html5? thinking about it now, maybe it would be worth having a bit of js to load in the iframes as well just in case the SVG/html was really resource intensive or unstable (maybe similarly to this entry heh..)

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