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post #147568 :: 2021.10.04 1:54pm
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Alright, think I'm comfortable to do some [BIG SHILLING] here:
(Youtube Video/Download)

If you don't know what Clone Hero
is, it's a free, cross-platform Guitar Hero clone for PC that has a lot of features from the old games and where anyone can easily create charts for it. I myself have been charting for the game for quite a while now, primarily charting chiptune songs. In fact quite recently, me and a few other peeps have released an entire setlist that's full of nothing but chiptune!

Here's a list of features for it, for those that don't feel like watching the video:
- +70 playable songs!
- a tier system, with each tier having their own theme!
- wide variety of artists from all over the chiptune world (including a few BotBrs!)
- all difficulties from Easy to Expert, so even the n00best of n00bs can play!

If you're interested in the Guitar Hero games in any way, I hope you'll consider giving my setlist a shot!

And as a little side note, I'm planning to release some smaller song packs in the future, so if you have suggestions on what I should chart next, hit me up and I might consider it!
Maybe we could even do some battles to make songs that I could chart, who knows?

Also, it would be nice to have more mappist formats in general
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post #147575 :: 2021.10.04 5:36pm
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You'd be surprised... I'm aware of Clone Hero as a result of three of my NES songs being charted previously (none of them are from Battle of the Bits, though), and they can be surprisingly difficult to do, simply because of how fast I tend to make my notation at times to make up for not having as many channels (and not even in the traditional arpeggio fashion)... then again, it also depends on how they were charted by whoever made them.
They are:
- The Triple T Terrorbyte Trance Techno Thing (Tx7) (From Famicompo Pico, charted by Jarvis9999)
- In Space o 1 an ear u (lost signal) (From Famicompo Pico 2, charted by adohuu)
- Tortitto Galaxy (From Famicompo Pico 3, charted by adohuu)

Thus, in the chiptune department, those three are already de-facto taken. Still, perhaps I could contribute a future one...
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post #147597 :: 2021.10.05 12:58am
Would be cool to see you contribute some songs for it! I've actually considered putting one of your songs in the setlist, but I wanted to make sure to not have too many songs with drastic difficulty spikes for it, so it didn't get in sadly (would be suited for a future pack tho!)
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post #147622 :: 2021.10.05 1:52pm
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Agreed on that part.

I'm currently developing a SPC700 sound driver that might be better able to handle rapid-fire notation without the memory constraints of putting it in an .it file. Shockingly, the Famicompo Pico 2 and 3 songs I made that were charted qualified for the cartridge compilation to my knowledge, with the second one having had the ROM released (though several years after the original compo). This is because they were designed as originals with a 64KB filesize limit, and they got a high enough rank.

Interestingly, for Tortitto Galaxy, for about two thirds of the song I didn't use DPCM at all, and when I did use it, I only used the extra small ones. The Famicompo Pico 2 one, though, was heavier on DPCM usage, though I chose mostly not to use it for drumwork.
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post #147625 :: 2021.10.05 4:29pm :: edit 2021.10.05 4:30pm
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Damn, I was NOT expecting to see Opus 1 on this setlist, very excited!! (shoutouts to Supradyke)
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post #147636 :: 2021.10.05 6:51pm
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this is really cool, thanks for sharing!!!

also I'm totally flattered that you charted my music :)

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