goattracker example files for learnerings needed
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post #147460 :: 2021.10.01 4:49pm
  qrqrqr0515_1, nitrofurano, cabbage drop and MelonadeM liēkd this
heyo, im currently tryxing to learn THE GOAT. and even tho it comes with example files and stuff, and a very good readme, ... more examples would be welcome. so if YOU made a (good) track in gt2, i ask you to eventually share it with us(me).. like,, the source. the source file!
would lov to look at the patterns and instruemnts and stuffs

thx in advance, its also fine if u wanna keep ur secrets tho hehe :D/
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post #147466 :: 2021.10.01 7:34pm
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Yesss embrace teh goat :))

Decadent Decade entry (2015): propeller.sng

Winter Chip XI entry (2016): fog_wip.sng
("WIP" lolol)
Commodore Trilogy entry (2016): rushmode.sng

Summer Chip IX entry (2019): lazyflow.sng

propeller.sng was my first major work and first GoatTracker module but I'm still proud of it! lazyflow.sng is also good and I learned some new stuff from writing it. The other two are meh but I've included them in case you still wanna take a look.

I also uploaded the source bloodlines3.sng
to this Dracula X cover I made in 2019
. I do some fun stuff in this one like triplets via channel tempos, 8xx wavetable commands for arps and grace notes, etc.

Have fun :D :D
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post #147468 :: 2021.10.01 8:02pm
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After many sessions of reading the docs and tinkering I have actually managed to get goattracker to make sound :P
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post #147478 :: 2021.10.02 2:48am
  kleeder liēkd this
goat tracker tutorial coming soon? cooooooooooool! \o/
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post #147479 :: 2021.10.02 5:43am
goatorial when
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post #147484 :: 2021.10.02 9:03am
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https://youtu.be/dZyBP7bTKzc our very own aji did a tutorial

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