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post #147357 :: 2021.09.29 6:21pm :: edit 2021.09.29 6:30pm
  nitrofurano, mirageofher, kfaraday and damifortune liēkd this
This is a followup thread to this one.

I got enough format suggestions now to finalize the list of formats, and even tho i got a few bitpack ideas and samples via pm (thanks again for this!), i think it makes sense to get some more cool samples.
This is why i will host a bunch of sample XHBs in the next month. Get ready for them!

My idea is to have one on Saturday or Sunday [maybe a 2 or 4 hour one idk idk, to giv people more time [this is probably not even possible due to a botb battle engine update. will think about this lol]].
Also another OHB on Wednesday.

This would result in 8(mayb 9) sample battles with different themes and stuff, so i hope to get some cool samples that can be used in Advent Calendar bitpacks. This is highly experimental, we will see how it goes.

I will then use November to finalize themes and packs.
Theme/Bitpack-Submission-Stage is still open btw, just send me PMs on Discord if u have ideas [kleeder#0056]
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post #147360 :: 2021.09.29 9:25pm
  mirageofher and kleeder liēkd this
will join as many as i can, despite having sent you a boatload of samples already lol

iirc, puke changed the entry period for sample ohbs to be less than an hour like mario paint, so i am actually not sure how that works in 2hb/4hb format? are those unaffected? food for thought at least
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post #147365 :: 2021.09.30 3:09am
ya, i asked him yesterday, but i already have workaround ideas in mind, they might be cool actually, lets see
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post #147520 :: 2021.10.03 10:38am
btw i know this is a little off topic, but is voting for advent 2021 going to work the same as last year, where voting opens up for the previous day once the new day starts? (and then stays open?)
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post #147523 :: 2021.10.03 11:27am
  damifortune liēkd this
i think so, but i need to communicate this with puke, because im not sure how well the new battle engine works for this

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