Render upload invulnerability window
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post #147049 :: 2021.09.22 3:41pm :: edit 2021.09.22 3:43pm
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So I actually considered this topic in February, but it was brought up in the chat today and I said I'd probably post it, so here I go!

I think there should be a 5 - 20 minute window after upload or after the conclusion of an XHB where only the author of a song can upload a render. (An alternate version of this allows a longer window that the song's author or a mod could disable, should the author immediately know that they won't or can't render it themselves.)

I don't think it's typically done to snipe renderist points and is most often meant to be a helpful gesture, but intent doesn't undo the frustration I've seen in the past when someone wasn't ready IMMEDIATELY upon the end of compo and someone else was hovering above the refresh with render in hand. This could also allay potential guilty feelings of the prospective renderist themselves, since we'd have defined the protocol and courtesy for rending for someone else. I myself have occasionally felt strange doing MT32 hardware renders sometimes, since it's likely the final representation of someone else's song for most listeners after voting and for voting in majors.

The one point itself isn't a big deal, but I think that so long as it's not a burden to code of course, it's a worthy quality of life feature and favors the community aspects over the competitive aspects of this site!
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post #147050 :: 2021.09.22 4:00pm :: edit 2021.09.22 4:01pm
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sorry again... i can confirm it was done on my behalf as a helpful gesture and i would like to apologize again for my own ignorance of the etiquette here ._. and yes i fully support the invulnerability window!
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post #147053 :: 2021.09.22 4:23pm :: edit 2021.09.22 4:24pm
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no way! I wasn't referring to that at all! I thought to include a specific caveat to mention it has nothing to do with that, haha. I think your uploads only affected people who didn't want to do them anyway :P

I think the main point for me is that I think it would be good if there's something structural so we're all on the same page without confusion! I don't think there even IS a defined etiquette
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post #147054 :: 2021.09.22 4:55pm
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haha thanks ^^'
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post #147059 :: 2021.09.22 5:48pm
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strongly in favor of this! as long as it's not tough to code into existence

i often find myself glued to the site waiting for a battle to close because i would like to upload my own render every time, but sometimes others will start batch-uploading renders immediately (not calling you out specifically either defmech lol, it's ok!).

is that overly picky of me? probably, but that's how it be. i want to be the one representing my entries. (and i'd rather not hassle an admin to replace a render for me if it could be helped)
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post #147074 :: 2021.09.22 10:27pm
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ya! i oft feel guilty when doing batchrenders for th abov reasons lol...

so ahh, maybe a short invincibility window though, like anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes... tht short tiems would be good because i am still very greedy for renderist points
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post #147080 :: 2021.09.23 12:23am
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why do i remember this has been a thing already a long time ago? i think i read about it? and then it was removed? maybe it was a dream??
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post #147083 :: 2021.09.23 2:27am
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The Lyceum article says there's a 24 hour period, and the history on that dates back as far as early 2014, so maybe this was something that got stealth changed at some point?

My personal guideline is like 2-4 hours before rendering others' entries. I figure by then the entrant either forgot or doesn't care about uploading their own render.
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post #147106 :: 2021.09.23 6:40pm
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ya i shld start waiting too maybe, hehe...
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post #147144 :: 2021.09.24 7:00pm :: edit 2021.09.24 7:04pm
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i swear there used to be a 5-10 minute period where only the botbr or an admin could submit a render :thonk:

looked at the code and no one but the botbr (and sysop (me)) should be able to up a render until after 24 hours

how long has that not been happening? :o
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post #147165 :: 2021.09.24 11:16pm
at least since 2018 when i joined
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post #147187 :: 2021.09.25 3:02pm
It could be false memory, but the past couple days I've been feeling increasingly like 24 hour self render window was still the way of things in 2016? Either that or I'm remembering reading the lyceum.
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post #147306 :: 2021.09.28 4:25pm
I remember asking people not to render my stuff back in 2013 14 15 16
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post #147311 :: 2021.09.28 5:56pm
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the rendela effect
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post #147373 :: 2021.09.30 6:48am
so I don't think this will be that hard to fix

but I'm curious what window y'all think is appropriate since its been broken for such a long time

24 hours seems excessive to me especially because i just wanna hit the Recent Submissions button every other day and listen through -- the entries are in order of submission not render adding

I think the original reason for 24 hours was in case someone couldn't be around to upload a render after an XHB -- but I'd consider that part of participating

Anyway -- I think something more like 10 or 15 minutes after the closing of the battle or an hour after submitting an entry (whichever comes first) would be fine?
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post #147376 :: 2021.09.30 10:28am
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agreed that 24hr is excessive. personally i think 1hr is good - both 1hr after submitting to a major, and 1hr after a battle closes. just thinking about things like, going to cook food after voting on a battle, or go shower etc. an hour seems like it'd safely cover those cases
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Modus Ponens
post #147379 :: 2021.09.30 11:16am
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I know that people like jrlepage are way into getting authentic hardware renders of their NSFs and that kind of thing, and I would guess that someone like that wouldn't necessarily be ready to prepare that within 15 minutes of the battle closing. Is there a means in place for someone to replace a render with a version preferred by the composer?
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post #147381 :: 2021.09.30 11:28am
agree with one hour as a safe thing
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post #147383 :: 2021.09.30 11:34am
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56 minutes
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post #147384 :: 2021.09.30 11:39am
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admins can always replace renders if a botbr is dissatisfied with a render they wound up with
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post #147531 :: 2021.10.03 3:30pm :: edit 2021.10.03 7:58pm
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seconding 56 minutes because... why not

(ETA: I didn't realized I had already said I agree with one hour, lol)

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