Any Instrumentalists wanna get involved in an album I never finished?
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post #146793 :: 2021.09.16 9:02am
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*Flies down from my doomship*
Bwahaha, I am the Ominous Pigeon Master! I speak for the pigeons.
And I am currently trying to resurrect an old album of mine, that I began sometime in 2016.

As a 1 year+ denizen of the Bitlands, I know lots of the citizens, outlaws and rulers around these parts are instrumentalists in there own right.
I was wondering if any such battler of bitters would be interested in being a part of said album; I have a few tracks that would benefit off of this greatly.

Drums are one of my greatest desires right now, I have some rather funky tracks, as well as some progressive rock elements in the album.

Guitar, saxophone, piano, triangle... any instrument you can think of, if you have an interest then please tell me in the comments :)

Don't think bad of me if I don't ask you for help or take you up on your offer.
Also, I'm not very good with financial stuff, so I can only really say this is for fun. I do want to sell physical versions, though I plan to make the digital copy a pay as much as you want deal on bandcamp aaaaa. If you wish for compensation beyond artist credits, please feel free to dm me.

If this album can finally be completed, the pigeon empire will gain untold power from such progress.

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post #146794 :: 2021.09.16 9:30am
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i'd be happy to help with piano (and other keys) parts!
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post #146796 :: 2021.09.16 9:55am
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you already contact me for guitar and bass shit so needless to say I'm down!
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post #146801 :: 2021.09.16 11:44am :: edit 2021.09.16 11:45am
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pretty out of practice on sax but we could talk if you're set on having sax and can't find someone else : )

can help with keys too (would particularly enjoy organ, i got a really nice organ vst recently), or write a solo, though i expect you'd be doing most of the soloin' already. i have good EP and piano plugins too
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post #146802 :: 2021.09.16 11:47am
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I would love to drum for ya, but I'm bad at drum-micing and do not have a comfortable drum-recording setup... something I need to work on
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post #146803 :: 2021.09.16 11:48am
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tripplep can beatbox for you

(tripplep will hate me for posting this)
Level 25 Chipist
post #146804 :: 2021.09.16 1:13pm
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Can let me know if you need some bass!! (experience: 18 years, music teacher, used to play musicals, random gigs of all sorts, and fill in for people in bands pre-pandemic, comfortable in almost any setting blah blah blah). I have fretless and extended range basses as well as standard with round or flat wound strings.

Also theremin, if its not virtuoso level

Guitar (or 8 string guitar) are another one, especially if you want wacky guitar sounds or heavy shit. Less experience than bass, but I do play and teach it too.

Banjo, mandolin, and drums are my less played but I still play them.

And of course, all manner of wacky, ambient, or abrasive guitar pedal and modular synth noises and textures
Couldnt do a whole album but itd be fun to record some stuff for ya for sure if you want/need!
Level 24 Mixist
post #146805 :: 2021.09.16 1:29pm
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I'm down!! can add guitar, bass, keys!
Level 17 Mixist
post #146806 :: 2021.09.16 1:44pm
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can do guitar, harmonica, drums, vox, whatever u need, BUT my drums are too big for my apartment rn lol
Level 24 XHBist
post #146811 :: 2021.09.16 5:16pm
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th only instrument i can actually play decently well is ocarina, as long as it is:

1) within like... one octave???
2) in d minor or a minor or smth that has minimal sharps and flats

so ahhh, i could help (so very limitdly) if you really needed a ocarina person, xD
Level 26 Mixist
post #146821 :: 2021.09.17 2:00pm
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Well, there is a kantele and a jaw's harp in my arsenal right now. Not so very progressive ;P Or are they?
Anyway, you know how to contact me about stuff :D
Level 11 XHBist
post #146828 :: 2021.09.17 7:41pm
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if you need horns i can get an alright sounding trumpet recording
Level 11 Grafxicist
post #146836 :: 2021.09.18 12:29am
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I can offer supporting parts on violin or/and cello, nothing too complex.
Level 16 Chipist
post #147047 :: 2021.09.22 1:34pm :: edit 2021.09.22 1:35pm
  mirageofher liēkd this
I don't show it off much but I've got an accordion I'm happy to play for you! (also bg vox if you're looking for any of that)
Level 20 Chipist
post #147309 :: 2021.09.28 4:46pm
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I have a darbuka
Level 16 Grafxicist
post #147524 :: 2021.10.03 12:39pm
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I can... sort of do guitar. Depends on the deadline and what's needed. :P
Level 21 Chipist
post #147527 :: 2021.10.03 12:56pm
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i can whistle a little tune if the air is somewhat humid
Level 9 Chipist
post #147552 :: 2021.10.04 9:52am
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i play guitar or i can do some synth samples if you require
Level 15 Mixist
post #147710 :: 2021.10.09 1:07am
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i hav a kazoo and a jew's harp

Level 15 Mixist
post #147749 :: 2021.10.10 4:14pm
  tael liēkd this
I could help with drums

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