amazing folk music thread
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hi ! share some folk music you like with me !

also, let me call this out at the top of the thread - please note if someone is posting a link with a timestamp so you can find the best part (:

Bulgarian folk music (full vid is great btw!):
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Mostly American and Irish folk music:

Some really nice blues stuff from the old PC game "railroad tycoon 2"'
Lap steel Resonator guitar trio stuff by Jerry Douglas and co:
Really good midi of the folk tune "the red-haired boy" (try isolating the 3rd channel, the banjo sounds really good)
Really good cover of Neil Young's Old Man on electric slide guitar:
A really great track from one of my favorite bands, The Books (folktronica):
Some Irish ballads performed by the High Kings:
Irish reels I liked and the Spotify playlist where I found them:
Bluegrass meets funk music:
Sufjan Stevens playing the banjo:
The Raconteurs (rock/bluegrass):
And lastly, I'm not sure if these are considered folk or not, but here are two tracks from the Samorost soundtrack that use traditional instrumentation mixed with modern synths and stuff:
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post #146498 :: 2021.09.07 3:15pm
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Some Finnish neo-electro-folk by Suistamon Sähkö:
Rappaus putoaa


Jyskyjärven kautta

Kankkuspäivästä Karjala

And to contrast this off, some slightly more traditional acapella stuff by Rajaton:

Läksin minä kesäyönä käymään

Väinämöisen veneretki

Ketun joululaulu
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post #146534 :: 2021.09.08 7:13am
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if i include folktronica, vignetting the compost by bibio is one of my favorites. also one thing i forgot is huun huur tu's music.
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post #146588 :: 2021.09.09 4:17am
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I quite like Kveldssanger by Ulver. Its fairly simple but does the job

I think you could easily replace the age of empires soundtrack with this while playing and still have yourself a similar experience
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slipjigs baybeeee
I'm a sucker for 9/8
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here's a ukrainian band, mostly ukrainian tunes, but a few bulgarian, transylvanian, jewish/polish/goral

and a channel dedicated to collecting traditional vocal tunes from ukrainian villages

a gypsy band from Romania
really like this one with their violinist

a hungarian band, folk with some bluesy sounds by the end

egyptian nubian musician

azerbaijani kamancheh player

albanian polyphonic singing
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post #146767 :: 2021.09.15 2:15pm
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Wintergatan, which is somewhere in between of Electro-Folk and Prog Rock
(Paradis is especially delicious)
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i just woke up and cant think but i like this cover

OH this is my favorite recording like ever, its perfect
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post #157370 :: 2022.06.10 4:42pm
@Maximemoring: Yeah Wintergatan!
I bet everybody thinks of Marble Machine when they hear Wintergatan. But dude, that is just a creative side branch by Martin for the moment - their music is fantastic and quickly became one of my favourites.

You need to check out Sommarfågel (Debut side A), Starmachine2000 (Debut side B) and Paradis (their longcatislong magnum opus) from their first album. Also, Marble Machine is a cool gadget, but the tune made for it is also pretty iconic - Martin definitely knows what he's doing when composing.

(proud swede since they're also swedish XD)
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post #157377 :: 2022.06.10 11:41pm :: edit 2022.06.10 11:42pm
has been living rent-free in my head for a while. The chords in the chorus are absolute fire.

It's an a cappella cover of a traditional French Canadian reel (original version
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post #157379 :: 2022.06.11 12:00am
Set of Irish tunes played on Baroque instruments
by Les Musiciens De Saint Julien -- not quite "authentic" folk music, but a really beautiful, polished kind of fusion.

Kopanitsa (11/8 Bulgarian dance) -- A La Turca Kollektif
Again, not entirely "authentic" since this ensemble plays a variety of folk and historical music and not all of the instruments here are Bulgarian. But quite authentic in spirit and lovely in its own respect.

Kamaicha (Rajasthani folk instrument)
played by Dappu Khan, who was well loved for many years in his home city of Jaisalmer and famous enough to be somewhat of a tourist attraction. He recently passed away but there are many recordings of him scattered across Youtube, mostly taken by visitors to Jaisalmer. The instrument is fascinating; it's a relative of the kemancheh, a variety of spike fiddle which is used in the classical music of Iran and Turkey. In classic Indian fashion it has been equipped with a set of sympathetic strings which sustain the resonance of the thick gut playing strings. (Similar to the sarangi
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Gusta Mi Magla (7/8 Serbian folk classic)
-- I've been exposed to this specific folk song throughout my entire childhood, from family and from an elementary school choir I was part of (until they kicked me out for being complete dogwater at reciting)
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Most of her work really but, this song in particular
by Ichiko Aoba cradles and comforts me as if I were a lost and frightened child and tells me everything is going to be okay. Guaranteed the one song to make me sob, no matter my mood, every fucking time. Whole discography is incredible, really.

Nick Drake and Elliott Smith as well, I just listen to bummer folk I guess lmao
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post #157642 :: 2022.06.22 9:43am
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if you like nick drake and elliott smith i have to recommend chris weisman

also buke and gase
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post #157855 :: 2022.07.01 7:06am
Upper Peninsula Finnfolk reggae.
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My parents showed these to me not too long ago:
Tunga Saker, a folktronica project by 3 famous people in the swedish folkmusic scene before they would follow their own projects Väsen (Olov Johansson, Mikael Marin) and Nordman (Mats Wester).

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