teletext (new format?)
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post #144677 :: 2021.07.26 5:18pm
  big lumby, MS, tonreihe, now_its_dark, Ravancloak, nitrofurano, gotoandplay, sean, cabbage drop, Xaser, argarak, kleeder, kfaraday and mk7 liēkd this
was closing a bunch of tabs and found these two!

...then i remember discussing with someone about making it into a format so i thought i'd post about it here and see what n00bs have to say! :D/
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post #144678 :: 2021.07.26 5:24pm :: edit 2021.07.26 5:27pm
  tonreihe and mk7 liēkd this
this looks so cool!!! i love teletext, i remember it as a kid...

(it kind of looks like zx spectrum art too...?! maybe it was made on a zx spectrum...??)
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post #144679 :: 2021.07.26 5:29pm :: edit 2021.07.26 5:29pm
  kfaraday liēkd this
This is an awesome idea to make teletext a new format!!
I always adored these neat and somewhat cheesy teletext arts they had for weather forecasts etc
I remember checking out some channel that even had a small gallery of teletext arts if i remember that right lol, they were very cool

Will this be a just plain image format?
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post #144680 :: 2021.07.26 5:32pm
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together with BotBTV yeaaaaa
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post #144689 :: 2021.07.27 2:01am
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I wasted a lot of time playing the bamboozle teletext quiz growing up
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post #144691 :: 2021.07.27 3:34am
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press reveal to see my thoughts:

Yes. Great idea.
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post #144718 :: 2021.07.27 3:03pm :: edit 2021.07.27 3:12pm
(sorry if this link might look offtopic: - the context: minitel used (mostly?) the same display format as teletext, didn't it? and curious that some minitel models were b&w - so b&w teletext submissions would be valid as well? - and what french botbrs here would think about this, like available tools we never heard of and etc.?)
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post #144719 :: 2021.07.27 4:17pm
  mk7 liēkd this
teletext is loads of fun, new format sounds rad!

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