S3XMODIT Festival 2021 ("Voting" open until Sept 26!)
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It's time! Let the first S3XMODIT Festival begin!

Here are the basic rules:
- Use the samples in the sample pack to make songs in MOD, S3M, XM, IT, or MPTM (DirectX plugins only) format.
- You must only use the samples in the pack, no external samples allowed.
- You can modify samples in any way your tracker allows, e.g. splicing, pitch shifting, looping, etc.
- You can make as many songs as you want!
- As noted above, if you choose to use MPTM format, you are allowed to use the provided DirectX effect plugins, but nothing more (i.e., nothing that is not available in OpenMPT by default).

Submissions will be sent directly to me, either via Discord DM (sincx#9611) or by email (s3x5samps@gmail.com). They will be posted publicly after the round ends, but more details on that will be provided when the time comes.

Reminder that you can join the S3XMODIT Discord at https://discord.gg/k2Zn5MH where all discussion of the event will take place.

The submission deadline is Sunday, September 5th, at 23:59 UTC / 20:00 ET / 16:00 PT.

And with that, here is the sample pack: https://sincx.xyz/pub/festival_files/s3xmodit_festival_2021_samplepack.it

Have fun!
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post #144579 :: 2021.07.24 1:28pm
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as a side note, please let me know what name/username you want your song associated to when you send it, otherwise i will have to make assumptions! you can submit under aliases or completely anonymously if you wish, just let me know when you submit
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post #146252 :: 2021.09.04 2:15pm
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casual reminder that the deadline is tomorrow :)
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post #146529 :: 2021.09.08 5:37am
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you can now download all the entries here: https://sincx.xyz/pub/festival_files/S3XMODIT%20Festival%202021%20Entries.zip
and you can write comments and give awards here: https://forms.gle/CTf6DYXavJQbijW9A (email addresses are not saved)
i'm still working on how the comments and awards will be displayed publicly, so expect that in the next couple days, but in the meantime you can go ahead and get started :)
the deadline is (tentatively) september 19th!
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post #146707 :: 2021.09.12 9:33am
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https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Rh91wBnVfzNoV95pbJKZkwwhHAsvVuYE-RUZhvmZC2w/edit?usp=sharing comments and awards are now publicly visible! also the form works correctly now! new deadline is sept 26th, have fun!

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