Add Orca format (and the Pilot synth)
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post #144428 :: 2021.07.20 7:03am
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Orca is a very original MIDI sequencer, using only a grid and some alphanumeric characters to interact with it.

It is between a tracker, a roguelike and the visual aestetic of the C64, it can run on many plateforms. It has an electron / desktop, web, terminal implentation, and also on a dedicated virtual machine able to run on devices such as the Nintendo DS or the Raspberry Pico.

It can create original sequences, and also random patterns, because of the way you can program it.

It is very geeky, and therefore very suitable for BotB!

It can not produce sounds alone, but there is a synth created by the same genius behind Orca: Pilot, a mini synthetiser designed to be used with orca via UDP.

Here is a short video showing why you'll want to play with it!

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post #144435 :: 2021.07.20 9:35am :: edit 2021.07.20 9:35am
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I am definitely not opposed to this!

I need to do a bit more research, but my guess is we should combine Orca and Pilot into a single format. Since Orca is a sequence/midi generator and Pilot is a synth I do not think they would make ideal formats on their own. I didn't know about the synth until you mentioned it here!

Might even be worth it to reach out to the developer. :D
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post #144438 :: 2021.07.20 10:27am
I swear these people also had a tracker, but it appears they deleted it from their
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post #144442 :: 2021.07.20 2:02pm :: edit 2021.07.20 2:48pm
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post #144443 :: 2021.07.20 2:02pm
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@Razerek: I suppose the tracker you're talking about is this one:

@puke7: To use Orca + Pilot, the .orca file should be enough, because you can drive the Pilot settings directly from Orca, through some special commands dedicated to the synth (using UDP).

I don't know much about Orca at the moment, I'm watching some tutorials, but it looks awesome...

I've seen from the main Orca page, the desktop version, using electron, is not very well advertised (the link will lead to the uxn version, which can be cool, but not very friendly for newcomers). You can find it there:
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post #144449 :: 2021.07.20 5:57pm
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That's a new spankin' sequencer right there, with some rather quirky features on its own (at least with its play grid). That being said, it'd definitely help reaching out to the devs themselves, for, let's say, if they don't mind this new "battle format" of their being used here, and also to report any seen bugs to them.
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post #144867 :: 2021.07.31 3:13am
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I've posted the idea on the "officiel" Orca thread on this forum, and Neauoire, the developer thought it was a cool idea:

I suppose he has a BotB account (according to his reply), but I don't know exactly which one. Maybe it's this one because it's the same nickname as one of his projects...:
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post #144870 :: 2021.07.31 6:58am :: edit 2021.07.31 6:58am
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that's really cool, and more reason to consider this format! it seems pretty unique and i'd be willing to give it a go for sure, it's popped up a few times when researching live coding stuff (which i still haven't really tried yet). we just have to be careful and make sure we precisely describe the format rules (like how to load in pilot patches for example).

i also found this which is like a sampler program for use with orca ( ) but i don't think we can use it because it doesn't save a file with all the samples in it as far as i know, so it would be a bit confusing to set up, you'd have to provide a zip with all the samples as well i think so there's a lot more to go wrong with that.

btw i also found this demo; seems like you can actually make a tracker type thing in orca:

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