feature request: num of hrs spent xhbing
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Level 23 XHBist
post #144363 :: 2021.07.19 9:14am
  sean, Razerek, TristEndo, Fierde, sulkaritari, kleeder and kfaraday liēkd this
was thinking about this, also spoke with some people about ths before posting here to further smoothen the thoughts:

naturally the botbr's batol tiem would start from the moment they clickd the bitpack link, that time would be recorded, and if they submit, that time and the submission time wld be subtracted

if the bitpack view time is unavailable, possibly record the time they enterd the actual batol's page, and subtract submission time with that time instead of the bitpack view time

just give them the "full" batol time gosh... in this case, the number of hours spent xhbing would be a estimate, am aware this "full" time would change for some formats like mario paint and sample hehe, so maybe just, (batol start) - (submitted)

...so ultimately this is a lot and is just a idea lol, i wonder what everyone else thinks about this... :o
Level 31 Chipist
post #144368 :: 2021.07.19 9:40am
  hqaoqu, tennisers, TristEndo, mirageofher and kfaraday liēkd this
another way to show everyone how much time i wasted to insert
D# F F# G# F C# D# over 1000 times
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post #144370 :: 2021.07.19 10:12am
  sean, TristEndo, raphaelgoulart, cabbage drop, mirageofher and kfaraday liēkd this
i keep a personal record of this in an spreadsheet and it is fun, it would be cool to have it on the site

my stats are 58 hours 11 minutes across 54 xHBs so far this year
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post #144391 :: 2021.07.19 6:53pm
  mirageofher and Xaser liēkd this
what did you do when you hit 56
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post #144393 :: 2021.07.19 9:16pm :: edit 2021.07.19 9:17pm
can't you just multiply your number of entries by the x you hb'd and get a number that's roughly as meaningful. like the amount of time it took is sort of the entire conceit
Level 15 Mixist
post #144394 :: 2021.07.19 10:03pm
  mirageofher, Sinc-X and cabbage drop liēkd this
the idea behind a more complicated thing is that if you get to an xhb late and only have 30 min you didnt use the whole hour, or if you submit early likewise,

also i just think a "stats" thing would be nice cause its kinda hard to count how many ohbs youve done in a certain time frame, etc... number doesnt mean anything but its fun to make number go up
Level 23 XHBist
post #144399 :: 2021.07.20 1:01am
  sulkaritari liēkd this
yar, what they said above me!!
but trulyyy i may have forgot to mention that case3+ includes the times before the time that the system would be (hypothetically )implementd... it would be just a estimate that goes like how you said c:

sorry if my words are muddy, i just got off the phone from a conversation in another language x.x
Level 29 Mixist
post #144444 :: 2021.07.20 2:05pm
  mirageofher, argarak, kleeder, puke7 and DCT Master liēkd this
For anyone who does more than 500 xhbs it should just say "too many"

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