feature proposal - 8bc style weekly rankings
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post #143722 :: 2021.07.06 4:11pm
  sean, PolarBirds, Jredd, Razerek and kfaraday liēkd this
was reminiscing about 8bitcollective and recalling how fun and hype their weekly ranking system was. every week the top 3 submissions with the most favs for that week were posted on the front page and stayed up there all week until the next top three came in a week later. it was like, an Event every week cos the entries were always updated at the same day, same time and people were antsy to see who the weekly champs were

we have tons of entries every week these days and I usually don't get around to listening to all the new stuff. it'd be neat and fun to have a weekly gold, silver, bronze awarded to those entries with most favs(or favs+score?) to highlight the people who did exceptionally good things over the week and flex them on the home page. I'm thinking the 'fav counter' resets each week and covers any type of battle(majors, minors, ohc,...)
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post #143723 :: 2021.07.06 4:17pm
  sean, PolarBirds, mirageofher, Jredd, doctorn0gloff and kfaraday liēkd this
theres this thing, but its not final: https://battleofthebits.org/arena/Top40
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post #143900 :: 2021.07.09 8:48am :: edit 2021.07.09 8:50am
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Just chiming in because my first foray into chip stuff was there and that's largely where I built up my skills starting out. I was too scared to come here back then because I thought ya'll were too good.

I of course now realize that was a mistake as everyone is super friendly and encouraging to new folks, but yes the top 3 was hype as hell. In fact, I seem to remember at one point it like expanded into top 10 and I quite liked that and was going to comment saying I seconded gyms but propose a top 10, and now kleeder came in with a top 40 beta and my brain exploded.

I wonder if a top 3 is possible? Then you click on it and then can check the top 40 if you click on it and it takes you to that list?

I only say that because realistically if you make the top featured on the front page too big of a number it'd probably clutter up the front page but maybe a "see more" button would work?

I'm hype for this man, but I also love Puke7 for all he's already done. Just want to make that clear. So my chime is more like "Oh yeah I remember that. That WOULD be cool!" Not "We the people demand X or else!" LOL

Love ya'll, ok I'm running away now because my post is too long :).
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post #144061 :: 2021.07.13 3:23am :: edit 2021.07.13 3:24am
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Just as the speakers above said, I think it would be a good feature and let people (like Myself) who finds it hard to deliver on regular battle deadlines to participate more often as well :)

I also started out on 8BC and remember it very fondly as a nice and exciting feature. I think the idea Jredd have about making the top 3/10 into an expandable top 40 when clicked on could be very cool too!

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post #144335 :: 2021.07.18 6:55am :: edit 2021.07.18 8:53am
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sorry i've been absent from this conversation
there's a lot to consider
like whats best against how much work it would be
i agree that that 8bc feature was cool but i do remember thinking it was lame that it didn't track any awards from the past
which, in hindsight, might have been the appeal for some: handing off an award to the next winrars
in classic botb fashion the awards would permanently be attached to an entry and thusly thrown into botbr profile trophy cases
the Top 40 stuff was an experiment, but its just a flowing data aggregate / algorithm that constantly changes with time
doing most faves per week might do the trick
with the Top 40 we have to keep major and xhb entries separate to make it fair because of the amplified attention over time for the major entries
so, i feel like before this feature gets a roll-out, i'd have to implement 95% of it and see how it behaves for a few weeks before committing to it entirely
tracking number of favorites for a week shouldn't be that hard
can an entry win this award more than once?
do we want to keep with the ribbons of 8bc?
i've always wanted to use ribbons for bits (samples from the 25/48 remix battles) in the past but never got there :shrug:

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