quirby made an ep* (and maybe you can check it out)
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post #142681 :: 2021.06.11 11:09pm
  OminPigeonMaster, cabbage drop, gyms, Vav, Sloopygoop, sean, nitrofurano, mirageofher, big lumby, kfaraday and tree liēkd this
*i released this two months ago but i just finished up making physicals!!


just...all around. everything. mixing, visual design, construction of the physicals feels the most professional of anything ive made and i am SO SO proud of it. if you can give it a listen and maybe buy a physical copy but no pressure and tell me what you think itd mean a ton :') <3
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post #142813 :: 2021.06.15 11:46pm
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thanks for posting, these hit me in a tender spot. the songs are so incredibly sweet and delicate...dregs up a lot of feelings I haven't touched in a long time. there's a refreshing essence of optimism in the tracks with other people singing along with you, it's beautiful. I really like 'am i a ghost' and 'blossom'
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post #142819 :: 2021.06.16 2:52pm
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I loved it! The sound has an easygoing feel that put me at ease. Love to hear the vox. Thanks for sharing some really personal pieces with such a soothing sound.
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post #143181 :: 2021.06.25 11:23am
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hi hi! im so sorry for disappearing. i got my first job recently and, as much as i love the escape and having something to do, its leaving me very drained :( but i have a day off so i wanted to just

say thank you

because idk, i still have my lil rock songs to be ANGRY and EDGY but i also love the atmosphere ive started to create with my music and im glad you both could see that <3

thank you both again!!

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