thread where i post botb entries i think need more favourites and provide rational argument as to w
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post #142199 :: 2021.05.31 8:04pm :: edit 2021.05.31 8:05pm
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song number 1:

rational argument: this song WOULD have got fifth place in the kefcore birthday battle if not for the late penalty that was on for this battle, and i think this is why it doesnt have lots of favourites. BUT it should do

amount of faves it should have: like AT least 10, maybe 12 or 13
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post #142213 :: 2021.06.01 4:58am
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it reached 13 likes guys round of applause
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post #142229 :: 2021.06.01 10:46am
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Don’t need to tell me twice…
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post #142441 :: 2021.06.04 10:14pm
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ok cool now boost nitro
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post #142492 :: 2021.06.06 3:19pm
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can i add a thing
actualy i am puttign it here no matter what,

reason: lookit, pretty sounds
it should have more than uh
jst 2 favourites
why does it only have 2 favourites

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