Schattenwelle - Ruhemodus EP
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post #141964 :: 2021.05.30 12:06pm :: edit 2021.05.30 5:56pm
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Another little gift from yours truly

Free DLs - EP pages have the original 16bit wave files..

It's been an intense journey with a lot of ups and downs
I wish everyone the best for your lives,.. live well and take care of yourselves and each other

Alright, added YT and that makes things pretty much complete
See you in another form, space, and time,.. Take care :)
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irrlicht project
post #142238 :: 2021.06.01 12:49pm :: edit 2021.06.01 12:51pm
Fantastic stuff, thoroughly enjoyed it. Imagery on the mini site fits very well, too. Congrats and thanks for sharing.

Also, I just listened the ending of the last track and the beginning of the first in parallel and it sounded good :D
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post #142261 :: 2021.06.02 6:07am
i like it, i liked the tracks without percussion a bit more but the ones with percussion were still good

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