PMLV1 - A music programming language for minecraft
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post #141143 :: 2021.05.05 5:19am
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DISCLAIMER: THIS IS FOR OPENCOMPUTERS WITH COMPUTRONICS, NOT VANILLA MINECRAFT!!!!! - Youtube video showing off a demo file - the player - the example music in the above video - the compiler (mandatory, yes)

the workflow is to write the file (lang doc coming soon™️), compile it with the compiler (compiler infile.mml outfile.mus), and run it with the player (player -f compiled.mus)

this format is like a tracker... in the text editor!!!!! well, until it's compiled. anyways, have fun trying to figure this out until I can be f'ed to make a langdoc :D

the in-game computer running this must have:
- Lua 5.3 CPU (hold the cpu in your hand and right-click to turn it from 5.2 to 5.3)
- Sound card (from computronics)
- At least one speaker
- possibly 2048kb ram? I've not properly tested but in early versions it OOM'd with less, then again early versions just OOM'd at everything.

you can place extra lines/spaces in the lang file but unfortunately I have not implemented commenting yet, that will be for the next ver I upload (once I figure out how the commenting should be done).
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post #141302 :: 2021.05.07 7:02am
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post #141319 :: 2021.05.07 1:09pm
since this post I have addressed multiple issues with the language and released v1.2 on the server I made this on. documentation and 1.2 coming soon to the broad web
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post #141590 :: 2021.05.15 6:44pm
might be a little longer, I have switched operating systems to haiku on my main computer and don't feel like logging back into gentoo to play minecraft rn

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