How do you like to mix chipsounds?
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Cass Cuttlefish
post #141104 :: 2021.05.04 7:43pm
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Different genres have different trends when it comes to leveling instruments. Eg. it's common to push the kick/snare/bass up in hip-hop music for a thumping groove, but in rock, the guitar tends to shred near the top of the mix where the bass/kick take a backseat. This is all to say, there's no universal 'standard' for mixing sounds an different styles take different approaches. Even within these genres, there are so many banging exceptions.

That said, how do you like your chiptune mixed? Do you like your bass heavy or do you prefer a 'felt but not heard' approach? Do put your lead upfront for presence or do you prefer it low to give everything else more space? Ever heard a chiptune track and thought "Wow! That's mixed so well!" ... I'm curious if anyone else thinks about this as much as I do ^▽^'
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post #141113 :: 2021.05.04 11:56pm
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i use the regular sine/square drawn waveform n then layer them in a way pleasing to the ear... actually, my stance on mixing is funny because it has never been separate from writing the notes. when i change the notes, the mixing fixes itself...?! (though i mean, its fun to put lots of reverb and random stereo panning and low playback sample rate too... i think im an unusual person to ask about this LOL)
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post #141156 :: 2021.05.05 11:59am
  charlotte liēkd this
I support what charlotte is saying; the 'mix' naturally emerges when you have an effective arrangement supporting a composition with interesting musical ideas in it. the different genre specific mixing styles that have emerged over time followed this process I'm sure, as genre pioneers had to start from somewhere right?

I think the sorta 'top down' approach with music production is a misleading trend since it encourages being formulaic in how one thinks about sound and music

that said, my preference for chiptune(actual soundchip) mixes depends entirely on how well the arrangement supports the music. panning and stuff is like extra glitter on top. when it comes to mixing chipsounds with nonchipsounds, there's like infinite variety in that so it all depends on if it feels good and makes sense when I hear it. however I do specially hate hearing obvious eq and compression and reverb on the sounds in an attempt to force muddy ideas to be coherent

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