grafxists! need a botb skin for sndh player
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post #140891 :: 2021.04.30 8:10am
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I'm currently working on Atari ST projects, among which a SNDH player that I'd like to use to hardware-render some of my favourite SNDH tunes from games, demos, and BOTB. I thought It would be cool to have a BOTB skin for my player for the BOTB tunes so if a grafixist wants to work with me on that I can send them the constraints they would have to work with.

The player looks like this NAKED:

As you can see that 32*32px square in the middle wants grafx around it. I have somebody working on a cool skin already but I'd love a BOTB skin too! Reply if interested! Thx! :)

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post #140937 :: 2021.04.30 12:32pm :: edit 2021.04.30 12:46pm
which are the constraints?

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