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post #140767 :: 2021.04.26 5:35pm
  argarak, goluigi, ASIKWUSpulse, Corell, Cepukka, Xaser, charlotte, cabbage drop, georges and 2a03fox liēkd this
I had this idea from . On that site, there are a bunch of sample instruments technically available for free, but not really because most of them require the full version of kontakt to use. I thought it would be interesting to create some kind of community project of multisample .xi instruments. I sometimes enjoy putting this together both with acoustic instruments and vsts. I have 15 of these that i'd be willing to share but i'm not sure where to host this.
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post #140768 :: 2021.04.26 5:36pm
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i'd be happy to make some dx7 .xi instruments! <3 love this
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Cessor Safari
post #140774 :: 2021.04.26 10:12pm
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post #140801 :: 2021.04.27 3:34am
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oh man this would motivate me to organize my sample collection and do more module hunting

i know there's waveworld and kiarchive hosted on modarchive
but you mean a more community based effort to upload .xi instruments right?

maybe for now we can just start by uploading some instruments and posting links to this thread. if there's enough demand and people posting stuff here we can consider actually setting up a website and uploading them to some cloud storage service
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post #140804 :: 2021.04.27 5:07am :: edit 2021.04.27 5:07am
  tennisers liēkd this
During this battle:
I helped with the bitpack and sampled a Brass Section and a Distorted Guitar from a Yamaha QR-10. Here's .xi instruments of them with a bunch extra little experimental drums:
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post #140822 :: 2021.04.27 4:47pm
  goluigi liēkd this
yeah kiarchive is good but i meant community thing. for now here's a dump of my "tracker instruments" folder. one or two may have a wrong note due to a bug in mpt that was fixed today.
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post #140885 :: 2021.04.30 4:57am
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post #140947 :: 2021.05.01 5:04am
  nitrofurano liēkd this
multisample instruments are not sampled from songs, they're sampled from instruments. if someone makes a multisample instrument of thier own acoustic instrument or modular setup or synthesizer or whatever, there is 0 possibility of it going against any license or copyright. The only case where it could breach copyright is something like omnisphere's license, which is already a multisample instrument vst, and users are technically not allowed to redistribute its samples (though that was more aimed at other companies rather than individual users)

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