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here is a thing that exists:

i'm looking for some people who can write small collections of words for issue #2 of this electronic publication, and obviously various botbrs would be very natural contributors (because y'all are just so cool and knowledgable about stuff!)... plus, i'd like to be covering some of the events that transpire here on bartleby's bits, so definitely get in touch if that sounds interesting! thank you in advance for being amazing.. and for checking out issue #1. hope you enjoy it! :]
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post #140707 :: 2021.04.25 8:27am
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The "making of Snowflakes, Starlight and Star Bits" interview with dami, bluenoc and zenkusa was quite interesting to read :). I recommend people checking out this site.
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post #141961 :: 2021.05.30 9:52am
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about the compos listed there, i don't know how relevant can be this one:
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post #142008 :: 2021.05.30 1:37pm
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issue #2 when

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