Learning Better Mixing/Mastering
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post #140259 :: 2021.04.12 5:34am
  mirageofher, SeniorBlastoise, OminPigeonMaster, nitrofurano and Oli liēkd this
One of the things I like about chip tracking is that I don't have to worry about EQing and mixing, which I'm rather terrible at (muddy mixes abound). However, I don't want to run from my weaknesses forever! *dynamic anime posing here*

That said, are there any resources y'all recommend for learning how to achieve more professional sounding mixes?
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post #140515 :: 2021.04.19 1:03pm :: edit 2021.04.19 1:04pm
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im not the best at mixing, and i dont have any specific resources but here are some general tips:
- make sure each instrument/voice has its own frequency space that it occupies, and its own space in panning.
- use instruments that contrast in terms of attack/decay
- create contrast when using reverb and delay, have some instruments sound more "wet" than others
- use gradual fx automation to make repeating parts feel more "alive"
- depending on the vibe you're going for, you can use sidechaining to make kick drums pop
- use some kind of ambient layer, either a pad, or noise, or field recording to fill in the cracks of an arrangement
- use compression to tame overly sharp transients, but dont use so much compression that all the dynamic contrast is erased
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post #140735 :: 2021.04.25 2:34pm
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Awesome! I've heard most of these things, but tend to only be able to hold one or two in mind at a time. Having them all written out in one spot like this is a huge help - thanks!
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post #141301 :: 2021.05.07 6:18am
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Simple, yet concisely written. You're also of decently great help to other musicians and young 'sceners around!
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post #148594 :: 2021.11.04 9:27am

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