Any Spotify users here? :3c
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post #139786 :: 2021.04.04 4:20am
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I released a big compilation of collab-tracks a few days ago on spotify! Thanks to everyone i worked with so far and thanks to all BotBrs for being an awesome and inspiring community!

The album cover was made by CastleNes!
Every cent i get out of the plays will go to charity btw- i just want more people to enjoy the music ^~^
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post #139787 :: 2021.04.04 4:24am
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Will there be a bandcamp release?
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post #139788 :: 2021.04.04 4:33am
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no, this one is spotify only!
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post #139789 :: 2021.04.04 4:38am
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me! i'm the spotify user!

will definitely listen when i have the time ;)))
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post #139790 :: 2021.04.04 5:15am
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i find it amusing how some of the artists listed don't even correspond to the actual artist... does spotify not know that some artists have the same name lol??

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post #139791 :: 2021.04.04 5:46am
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yes i hate that this is done automatically and i cant edit it
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post #139800 :: 2021.04.04 11:27am
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lol i bet both VAVs love this!
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post #139865 :: 2021.04.05 1:44pm
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I use spotify
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post #139874 :: 2021.04.05 3:17pm
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not gonna turn this thread into a "why spotify sucks"-one. a lot of people are using it and thats why i published the tracks on there to make them more accessable for those people. music should connect, not divide after all.
make a separate bulletin for this, thanks.
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big lumby
post #139879 :: 2021.04.05 3:51pm
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i was gonna follow up with a joke post about how i'm also boycotting spotify because i don't care but i decided against it because the post was stupid. don't just go out and announce you're boycotting a service the thread talks about like you're the better person here. generally speaking, you look like an ass when you do stuff like that. keep it to yourself and move on, thx.

speaking of such action, i'll say this much: i don't use spotify but i'll check this out when i got the chance

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