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I tested the XHB experience a lot. Ultimate Hum round 2 should be a go! I'll need to do more testing on the round 2 tally before it actually happens. I'm sure there will be some fresh bugs, but we'll see. I tried to be very thorough and not create new breakages.

On the surface, it probably doesn't look like much, but there is a whole new layer of flexibility to our battle flows now. Battles can have multiple bit and entry periods. Periods can end in sequence or voting can be open for all entry periods until the end of a whole battle. Lots of possibilities! (still have to create new battle types hahahahahhahaha)
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post #139550 :: 2021.03.29 8:24pm
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bwahahaha a new age of terror is upon us!!!
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post #139552 :: 2021.03.29 9:23pm
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awesome job, one nitpicky detail that i noticed is that putting /Submit after the battle id in the url for a multistage battle automatically redirects to the submission for the first entry period, it would make more sense if it redirected to the most recent entry period instead.
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post #139554 :: 2021.03.29 11:01pm :: edit 2021.04.12 8:42pm
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i noticed a few little things.
this is all minor stuff and not a gamebreaker!
thx for all your hard work on this and im excited to see what kind of battles we will have in the future!

- votepack is accessable and button shows up before the entry period is over. thread here

- tennisers pointed it out here, the descriptions of entries arent editable anymore (you didnt notice this because youre sysop)

- votelog shows up for everyone(!) as soon as the battle is tallied on xhbs. should be blocking acces for everyone except admins i guess as long as the battle isnt closed

- votelog and irclog are accessable even for not-logged in users, this used to be a feature for level 1 or 2+ users

- ultimate hum on entry pages says the ranking for round 1 entries is ?/21 (currently, there are 21 entries total), even tho the first round only had 19 entries

- battle name doesnt appear below the entry title on entry pages

- battle names in the arena list arent links anymore (this is intentional i guess, but it feels weird to me and an additional link doesnt hurt (?))

- the "x bits" links on 25/48 majors is just linking back to the major battle arena list instead of the bits-subpage of the major

- entry browser button already shows up on profiles even tho its a 404. i kinda like it as a teaser, but maybe its confusing for other people

- entry sorting in major battles is by date even after its done (i think u know this one)

- entry sorting in "view entries" list on the rules-page is by date even after its done

- when u click on "view entries" and "hide entries" again, the text says "show entries". kinda funny. maybe you should use either "view" or "show" both times xD

- the major battle radio button for battles with bits says "Listen Most" even though all entries have a render

- old 3xtheme chip battles are broken in the info&rules view:

- i noticed a similar bug here (probably a format token that is not an actual format, so it shows an empty box?):
((not sure if there are more battles with stuff like that, maybe i will spend an afternoon next month going to all of them and looking for weird things ((oh yea, theres also one on decadent decade))

- this battle is still set to 2006 as starting date even tho it was most likely in early 2010 or late 2009

- i think the info&rules page on the ultimate hum should say something like "Round 1" and "Round 2" like it does for bit and entry periods?
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post #139575 :: 2021.03.30 12:27pm
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post #139576 :: 2021.03.30 12:51pm :: edit 2021.03.31 7:37pm
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very excited for this new engine to grow into something even more awesome, i'm especially excited for bit periods in XHB :) thanks for doing all this to make this a better place!!

minor bug report: in the entry lists on users' profiles, clicking the art link no longer goes to the battle the entry is from; instead the URL is just whatever pane of the profile you're already on (e.g. /Profile/damifortune/OHC or /Major or whatever)
this is fixed now!
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post #139580 :: 2021.03.30 1:20pm
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That might help towards resurrecting the 3xtheme chip battles, actually.
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post #139596 :: 2021.03.31 1:42am :: edit 2021.03.31 1:42am
- visual preview in battle entry lists is not using the thumbnails anymore, its using the full image again
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post #139599 :: 2021.03.31 2:29am
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post #139625 :: 2021.03.31 6:53pm
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lots of this is untested, but:

votepack not visible until entry period over

edit entry description : found un-updated battle prop names
-- this actually is probably the source of a lot of bugs
-- `entry_period` is now `entry_submit_period` etc

put the botbr level check back in for xhb logs

...soo a chunk of that list is fixed :shrug:
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post #139627 :: 2021.03.31 7:05pm
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kleeder -- if you could strikethrough the stuff i fixed/finished or repost the stuff thats still borked i'd greatly appreciate it :D/
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post #139762 :: 2021.04.03 4:43am :: edit 2021.04.03 12:45pm
- admin votelog page on profiles is not showing battle names anymore

- "All tunes will be rendered to MP3 for voting accessibility." should be hidden on XHB pages,
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post #139934 :: 2021.04.06 11:30am
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i'm not totally sure how to handle the hum results
i'm guessing i should keep an entry period rank separate from the final rank inside the larger battle
should the separate periods get xhb style bonuses?
and then the whole major bonus at the very end?
Level 31 Chipist
post #139956 :: 2021.04.06 12:25pm
oh hmmm, im not sure. maybe its enough to sort entries by score on the info&rules-page in the "show entries" tab.
on the other hand it is a different theme and competition for every round, so it would make sense to have separated ranks for each round AND final ranks.
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post #140033 :: 2021.04.07 9:06pm
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twitter bot fixed!
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post #140117 :: 2021.04.08 10:50pm :: edit 2021.04.08 10:51pm
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not sure if this is because of the new engine, but i noticed that the bitpack now forces a txt file download when i click the link. not a problem on pc, but ios doesn't seem to know what to do with this. previously it would just display the text on screen but now it tries to "play" the file on ios's native audio player. the text never becomes visible and i haven't found a workaround on my end

i'm probably describing this issue poorly. i might also be the only one using ios to view txt bitpacks.
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post #140121 :: 2021.04.09 12:36am
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this was discussed on discord yesterday, quoting puke:

[18:23] 🦆|° ∪ |< |≡ 7 🦆: finalpacks were borked because of url -> filename issues
[18:23] 🦆|° ∪ |< |≡ 7 🦆: so they are using the media forwarder
[18:23] 🦆|° ∪ |< |≡ 7 🦆: then i did the same to the bitpacks
[18:23] 🦆|° ∪ |< |≡ 7 🦆: also tracking who grabs them
[18:24] 🦆|° ∪ |< |≡ 7 🦆: in future hosts/admins could see who's grabbed them if we wanted

[18:26] 🦆|° ∪ |< |≡ 7 🦆: i should be able to get it to display a .txt bitpack instead of force donload if its a .txt :thonk:
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post #140263 :: 2021.04.12 9:53am
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bitpacks that are :

gif jpg jpeg png txt

should display in the browser now

other filetypes should have a forced donload

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