How to create dynamic effects in oldskool trackers
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post #139343 :: 2021.03.24 11:24pm
  kleeder, gyms, nitrofurano, argarak, Baron Knoxburry, Oli and big lumby liēkd this
I've been compiling a list of how to create dynamic effects in oldskool trackers, in formats like MOD / XM / S3M / IT

Feedback most welcome!
More tricks to add? Gimme!
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post #139446 :: 2021.03.27 10:31am
perhaps it's a quite valid documentation to have stored here somewhere in the lyceum? what do you all think?
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post #139456 :: 2021.03.27 1:53pm
  tennisers and kleeder liēkd this
could maybe expand the echo stuff to include single channel echo

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