thread for prayer requests
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this is a serious thread, and i made it because i care about you all here. if you are suffering with something, please feel free to let me know here or in a dm and i will make sure to pray for you, for as long as you like or need
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Hello. I desire to request prayers for BotBrs Galgox, Spring, Robyn and MiDoRi to feel utmost well-being, as well as for them to be protected: They have been wonderful friends to me since I got to know them, thanks to Battle of the Bits, long time ago; I encourage everyone to reach and befriend them: My life is much better since.
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post #138897 :: 2021.03.15 2:44pm
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🙏 nothing but the best for BotBers
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post #138908 :: 2021.03.15 10:49pm
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just ease my fears thx, I don't personally need anything else
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this is a serious thread. i dont wanna see joke comments here. put them elsewhere. i removed 1 comment and will continue removing unserious stuff.
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post #138921 :: 2021.03.16 6:45am
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As you've already seen, I've been very inactive both here and at Discord. Don't worry, there's nothing wrong, only a master's degree that's badly sucking my time.

I don't have anything special I need to pray for, but I thank you for your concern, Charlotte, and hope that everyone else's prayers bring happiness and success.
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post #138923 :: 2021.03.16 7:16am :: edit 2021.03.16 7:16am
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i'd not ask for more, or less, than dignity and welfare for the whole humankind
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post #138931 :: 2021.03.16 12:04pm
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I ain't the prayin type, but if I were, I'd pray for my dear sis, who's been having a real rough time of it this past year.
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post #139265 :: 2021.03.22 9:05am
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I ask that we pray for UI and his family
that they defeat the Coronavirus in good health.
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post #139267 :: 2021.03.22 10:29am
Surely there's something more useful than prayer guys. I understand it can be somewhat beneficial to some extent to the person performing it but it has never cured anyone, well no more than placebos have. If you're serious about bringing something good to the world, make sure the means you've chosen have an actual effect.
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post #139268 :: 2021.03.22 10:42am :: edit 2021.03.22 10:42am
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you're more than welcome to make your own thread to help bring about those things, inspired by the prayer thread (which apparently "does nothing"), if you like
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post #139269 :: 2021.03.22 11:05am :: edit 2021.03.22 11:06am
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Thoughts, feelings, and otherwise energy, can move stars: I both, much appreciate, and acknowledge the gift you give at fellow Battle of the Bits' community members, by channeling energy you deem positive for, with them in mind.
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post #139270 :: 2021.03.22 11:06am
Sorry I was mainly reacting to the last comment and didn't mean to offend. It reminded me that sometimes people die because they get prayer instead of medical care. If I thought prayer did nothing I wouldn't have even responded.
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post #139271 :: 2021.03.22 11:12am :: edit 2021.03.22 11:58am
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i'm not sure which post in this thread "reminded" you of this, everyone here seems to be posting in good faith; but i hope you can feel better soon

prayer and actions are not opposed (prayer is actually the beginning of all good human action), though i'm sorry that the world sometimes seems to put them at odds (like it tries to do with every good thing); since you've brought it up, i'll take the opportunity to post ui's message here, and encourage those who love him to help out:

Hi guys,
I haven't been to active in the community in the past years, but i have good memories when it comes to kind and good experiences.

I have a family member with Covid, it is a hell of a nightmare so I'm asking you guys for help, anything is welcome

If you want to donate anything:

ZELLE: Daniel Garrido -

Thank you in advanced, i really appreciate it, any help will help a lot
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post #139274 :: 2021.03.22 11:26am
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@charlotte that's actually a great idea! i'll donate some once my credit card limit resets, which should be in a few days (and will be praying for them as well)
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post #139275 :: 2021.03.22 11:38am
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Call me a consequentialist but it looks like I did send a good incentive :)
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post #139279 :: 2021.03.22 5:30pm
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"remember to take action" is a good prayer, YQN

i pray always that people grow closer together instead of drifting apart
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post #139281 :: 2021.03.22 6:48pm
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Pray for Oli
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post #139294 :: 2021.03.23 9:43am
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@yqn confused on your points but I feel like pointing out it's kinda amazing how prayer can objectively generate change on some level from nothing but will and intent. if you know someone is praying for you, it would surely influence your psychological/emotional state + course of actions vs not having that knowledge of good will and support from someone out there. furthermore, this can be quite an intricate and complex set of interactions when you consider the influence of PRAYER DYNAMICS firing around within a group of people. I dunno it's a positive thing, and factually so.

and yea prayer cannot heal disease and sickness and it's an unfortunate overextension of good will and faith. tho it seems to me medical science also is in constant flux and can and does fail people as well. putting your faith in scientific evidence is surely a better bet in those cases but I'd argue it is still only faith
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post #139295 :: 2021.03.23 9:55am
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to anyone wanting to discuss my posts, please do it outside this thread, because if i reply here it will end up being a thread about prayer and i didn't mean to deviate it from its original purpose or lack respect to charlotte. thx!
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post #139296 :: 2021.03.23 10:15am
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a prayer that good fortune finds John Lees-Miller and Dr. Nishio Hirokazu, whose javascript resources are currently helping me build something rly cool !!
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a prayer for my mother, so that one day i may be able to take care of her late in life
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Just pray for mirage
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post #139986 :: 2021.04.06 9:42pm
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Prayers go out to my siblings - including my step brother, and parents, whom I love very deeply, and hope for the best, in the years ahead.
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post #140269 :: 2021.04.12 6:21pm
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for me is manageable by my self. please just pray for svipal
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post #140275 :: 2021.04.13 4:46am :: edit 2021.04.13 4:48am
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