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This is gonna be... a little less packed with info than last time. But buckle up anyway, because it's fun. :D

The Ultimate Hum: Exploration is an ode to chiptunes of all kinds that take inspiration from a plethora of genres, and to the absolute variety seen in other giant compilations such as the late Chiptunes = WIN!

Here's how it's going down this time...

1. We battle on a series of 8 weekly week-long mini-majors going from Saturdays ~5PM EST to Friday 5PM, then followed by a 22 hour-long voting period for each pack of genres I personally selected, inspired by the answers to that special question.
1.1. Synclistens will still be a thing, but the main show will start earlier, at 3PM EST rather that 7PM EST!

2. Then, after the main battles, a week-long Visual Art mini-major for the album cover based on the overall feel of the battle series will be next.

3. At the end of the series, and after the Visual battle, the polish team will select, considering directly your opinions, many extra tracks to make the album lineup, very much alike to last time.

4. Selected musicians will then have 2 weeks, for the Polish Stage, to improve, collab, mix, and overall elevate the musical power of their track(s) to its maximum. Feedback will be given to those who wish to have it.
4.1. This polish stage is now optional, but everyone who do make major changes, whether on their track or while collabing, will be given "extra credits" in the descriptions.

4. Put all selected tracks in a second album with Puke's blessing on our own official Bandcamp once again! :D
All sales are going straight to puke's email until further notice!



Basic rules:
- All registered users of BotB may vote.
- All tunes will be rendered to MP3 for voting accessibility.
- No covers allowed, only original works.
- Entries that have been previously publicly released are not allowed.
- No one is required to participate in multiple battles to have a chance to win a spot
- Unless otherwise stated under WINNING LIMIT rule, gold winner is automatically taken for the album

- Each week, a different set of genres will be put forward, with which you will also be given a (long) description and plenty of examples to work from. These descriptions and examples should give you an idea of how things work within these genres.
- These genres will generally be large and overarching, and so you can use your musical sense to make sense of it all, and work it into your styles without necessarily rigidly having to stick to its basics. Surprise us!

FORMAT: Wildchip
- Use whichever tool you want, but the end-product, the track must have at least some chippiness to it.

- This rule has been removed for this project, since it is meant to be much more freeform, and consistency is much less important! Have fun implementing whichever chiptune style/format you like!

WINNING LIMIT: 2 Gold wins - Not including selection stage
- To promote fairness, if you win battles with gold more than twice, you will have to choose after the 10 battles which tracks you will want to "keep", in which case, the others will see the silver winner be chosen instead.
- This does not however limit the amount of total tracks selected for the album in the end, we may or may not still select it as an extra (after the main battles) if we see fit.

SELECTION STAGE: After all battles
- Alike to last time, we will select many secondary winners depending on multiple factors including how they distinguish themselves from the winners, as well as the state at which the track is by the end of the main battle series. Meaning upgrading your track prior to extra selections will definitely work in your favor! (this part of the rule is currently up in the air)
- This means the 8 battles may, again, turn up to 40 tracks(.... or more oops >.>) if we simply cannot control ourselves out of pure recklessnessHYPE.

POLISH STAGE: After selections are made
- This time around, the polish stage is going to be shorter, and optional. I already explain it near the beginning. Mastering will still be done with LittleTheremin/pumpuli! :D
- You MUST however still be reasonably contactable through the Cave Dingle (puke's) Discord server
, or the Work Discord server
. The reason that still has to be a thing is we will need stems and/or lossless renders for Mastering and Release.

- But I must be clear: NO COMPLETE OVERHAULS! That means don't just completely change all the melodies, all the backing tracks, etc. and make your track unrecognizable!

pls tell me if i missed anything, this was a copy-paste i edited lol
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thank you for clearing this up! I was quite confused !
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One more question, can I still enter even though I’m not polish?
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sry i think you have to get yourself the new nationality assigned first :(

((( this actually had me come up with a fun idea where u can only submit to format x in a battle if your country flag is y, so that some formats are limited to some people, but sadly this would be easy to exploit with vpn )))
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Just use NordVPNtm and no one will be the wiser

Jokes aside, I'm glad it did! If you have any question or uncertainties, feel free to ask here or contact me directly on Discord :)

On a side note, there's going to be a 22-hour-long voting period, and then a sync-listen on Saturday 3PM EDT/EST to show the tracks off and finish voting! (and subsequently every saturday until the end of TIME)

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