the bank is 800,000 boons in debt?!?!
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post #138053 :: 2021.03.04 4:19pm :: edit 2021.03.04 4:20pm
  OminPigeonMaster, qrqrqr0515_1, sleeparrow, Jangler, MelonadeM, 2a03fox, sean, Schallwelle, pandavova, YQN, damifortune and hanna liēkd this the bank seems to be very in debt. i'm not sure how the economy works, but this might be bad... (??) i am going to speculate ideas for how to fix the economy in the thread

• kleeder said that the bank always has a million boons minus the total amount of boons in circulation. if we give the bank 45% of all the boons on the entire website this should fix the economy.
• boons as mineable cryptocoin that we can also use to run botb indefinitely; every single entry on botb sold as a NFT on a illicit goods (bads???) market (??). we will use psychic mind control to get the redditors to all hold the coin in the hopes that they can become a "cool gentleman", vastly bumping the price of the stock, allowing puke to do a pump-and-dump three times a year
• not fixing the problem, but choosing to view the bank's eternal debt as "symbolism" (not sure what the symbolism is yet)

this is just a sketch pad, so please feel free to come up with new ways that you would fix the economy in THIS thread, if you want. (you don't have to, so please don't worry)
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post #138054 :: 2021.03.04 4:21pm
  sleeparrow, petet, Jangler, sean, BubblegumOctopus, Xaser, tael, argarak and charlotte liēkd this
i recommend against #2 😛
Environmental Issues with Cryptoart:
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post #138055 :: 2021.03.04 4:26pm :: edit 2021.03.04 4:30pm
  sleeparrow, petet, sean, Chip Champion, VinCMG, damifortune and Savestate liēkd this
thank you savestate, very true. i saw a guy on twitter the other day who was selling NFTs "to fund potential research into less carbon-intensive NFTs" which sounds freakin hilarious to me, it sort of feels like if people did giant fuck you excavator fracking strip mines so that they could put wind turbines in there, or something. though, i am always fascinated with the good potential in "human research and ingenuity", which so far has produced such wonderful things for the environment as NFTs. i am always monitoring such situations very closely in so far as i can find a new way to balance the boons economy, as always.
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post #138063 :: 2021.03.04 5:48pm
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  Vav hæitd this
well for starters we can raid ShellCorporation, that will put a big dent in the debt at the very least
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post #138073 :: 2021.03.04 7:30pm :: edit 2021.03.04 7:31pm
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Reserved by cool gentleman authority
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post #138084 :: 2021.03.05 12:07am
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- the taxman should appear every month intead of year
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post #138089 :: 2021.03.05 1:51am
  xterm liēkd this
Is this a 1940's neighbors-keeping-boons-in-a-safe bank or a 2020's let's-ruin-the-world-as-we-know-it bank we're talking about here?
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post #138151 :: 2021.03.05 5:53pm
  Jangler, Jakerson, argarak, damifortune, xterm, father, Schallwelle, maJsty14, Vav and charlotte liēkd this
its a haox lamen & gentledies! the bank has overflowed to the negative but its actually positive, its so rich its axing you your hard earned boney as if its poor but its a lie watch the new anonymous videos
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post #138381 :: 2021.03.07 5:10pm
  sleeparrow, VirtualMan, Jakerson, Modus Ponens, Savestate, Doxic, TristEndo, YQN and charlotte liēkd this
cant we just build a second bank
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post #138383 :: 2021.03.07 6:13pm
  hanna, kleeder, Jakerson, Modus Ponens, Savestate, 2a03fox, Xaser, TristEndo and Oli liēkd this
bank switching ftw
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post #138384 :: 2021.03.07 6:42pm
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as a man who has taken 2 macroeconomics courses in college and got a C+ in one of them, this is good actually
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post #138386 :: 2021.03.07 8:47pm
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everyone quiet down money does not exist ok
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post #138388 :: 2021.03.07 9:19pm
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is botb going into a depression?? 🧾 evidence--- bad
2.sad songs
3.moar ohbs mean more work are people eSentially working extr jobs to make endss meet?????
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post #138399 :: 2021.03.08 3:05am :: edit 2021.03.09 1:03am
  mirageofher, Doxic and kleeder liēkd this
My only question is about how I report fraudulent behavior.
the nonexistent support from BotB Bank HQ is utterly unenjoyable.
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post #138400 :: 2021.03.08 3:29am
  Strobe liēkd this
in the same boat as strobe
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post #138401 :: 2021.03.08 3:36am
  father and 2a03fox liēkd this
fuck yea lets get it to 1 million in debt
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post #138418 :: 2021.03.08 6:49am
  VirtualMan and mirageofher liēkd this
you both have sufficient power to enact your will

do it you wont
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post #138436 :: 2021.03.08 9:08am
  sean, Savestate, Vav, mirageofher, Doxic, Jakerson and kleeder liēkd this
I am uncorruptable.
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post #138463 :: 2021.03.08 3:02pm
  Strobe liēkd this
we will see 😀
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post #138492 :: 2021.03.08 8:23pm
  Strobe liēkd this
you say that, but as soon as a waffle or two are on the line …
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post #138519 :: 2021.03.09 9:28am
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i'll happily take your boons, i promise a 8% annual return on investment
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post #138520 :: 2021.03.09 9:38am
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I'm not falling for that one again.
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post #138582 :: 2021.03.09 10:37pm
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if you give me boons i will give a 0% daily return
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post #138623 :: 2021.03.10 5:39pm
  charlotte liēkd this
omelas bank of botb

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