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Level 20 Grafxicist
post #137017 :: 2021.02.21 5:59pm
  Quirby64, 2a03fox, irrlicht project, puke7, MelonadeM, big lumby, nitrofurano, CastleNes, sean, tael, now_its_dark and damifortune liēkd this
I wonder if this has ever been done, maybe a major consisting of pixel , photomash, ascii, visuall, etc ? It would be cool I think .... people would have time to do a big piece if they wanted to ... you could maybe include html and other formats that don't happen very much.

Of the majors I have entered / seen, there has been some of these categories available but not all of them. I mean, advent calendar was a thing, but it was pretty different than just having a battle consisting of these formats ...

I'm super interested to know about this, and see more of these visual entries, majors, battles, etc ...I wonder what you guys think.
Level 14 Mixist
post #137019 :: 2021.02.21 7:08pm
  Quirby64, 2a03fox, doctorn0gloff, big lumby, OminPigeonMaster, nitrofurano and damifortune liēkd this
the government is simply too scared of a 200 hour tael ascii

looking forward to seeing the entries!
Level 23 Mixist
post #137022 :: 2021.02.21 8:07pm
  XFREDDYxDANGERX and nitrofurano liēkd this
would be cool to see a major comprised only of "all or at least most of the visual formats", i agree! it's good that they get some representation in the big ones but that's different than visual art being the focus.

my first thought is that it'd be cool as a monthly major, not sure though
Level 31 Chipist
post #137030 :: 2021.02.21 9:36pm
  Quirby64, puke7, XFREDDYxDANGERX, nitrofurano and argarak liēkd this
Level 23 XHBist
post #137035 :: 2021.02.22 1:48am
  tael and nitrofurano liēkd this
sounds good to me :p
Level 27 Chipist
post #137041 :: 2021.02.22 4:47am
  big lumby liēkd this
I concur! We have enough visual formats to certainly have an interesting major >:D
Level 22 Chipist
big lumby
post #137042 :: 2021.02.22 4:56am
  XFREDDYxDANGERX liēkd this
i've been clamoring for graphx 2 for a year atp, that was without a doubt the most interesting battle botb has ever had for the sole purpose of it breaking the trend of all majors being musical. having it become a series would be mega kino in my books, and that's not just because i'm a huge visual junkie too; people showed up for visuall and photomash last advent calendar, there is an audience for this stuff.
Level 20 Grafxicist
post #137052 :: 2021.02.22 7:55am :: edit 2021.02.22 7:55am
  2a03fox and big lumby liēkd this
It seems like there are quite a few people on Botb who create visuals of some kind, they just miss some of the battles ... it is also an understandable amount of pressure to create a piece in an hour / few hours / average battle time. This is why some people only enter the major battles .. so a graphics major would be cool for this.
Level 23 Chipist
irrlicht project
post #137062 :: 2021.02.22 2:19pm
  big lumby liēkd this
Needs a BattleHymn token audio format tho (maybe just allgear in disguise, or some other format depending on battle theme). On the other hand it'd be kinda neat to enjoy voting in silence, for a change :o
Level 16 XHBist
post #137078 :: 2021.02.22 9:23pm
i for one want that 56 hour tael ascii
Level 31 Chipist
post #137080 :: 2021.02.22 9:31pm
  Quirby64 and 2a03fox liēkd this
im pretty sure GraphX II will happen at some point.

the more interesting question is, if theres a good way to further publish winning gfx entries. music format winners go onto bandcamp releases, battle art winner is the album cover. but pixel winners etc just sit in their battle and thats it. is there a good place of sharing visuals like there is bandcamp for music?
Level 22 Chipist
big lumby
post #137097 :: 2021.02.23 5:44am
  kfaraday liēkd this
there's gumroad which is very much just bandcamp for anything and everything.

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