The Ultimate Hum: Exploration is starting in two weeks!
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Somewhere in the first weekend of March, the first battle of the second project of The Ultimate Hum will start!

The Ultimate Hum: Exploration will be all about exploring the genres of music that have been proven over the years to go incredibly well with our love of chiptunes.

For anyone interested in this second dive (and on Discord), send me a DM on Discord (Maximemoring#7769) answering this question:

If there was one genre of music that you think should absolutely be there, which would it be?

I will take in consideration all feedback about genres in making this project's lineup!


The last project was a great success in my books, and after some talks and votes, we have gone ahead and made some major changes for this more freeform second project!

1. Bandcamp revenue is now and will be until further notice paid out directly to puke's email. Even if it was succesful in context, I was getting ahead of myself thinking this was going to be worth the trouble/added seriousness. We're doing this for fun after all!

2. The polish stage will be a set 2-week period instead of open-ended, and making some kind of addition will no longer be required. However, everyone who does make major changes or collabs on other people's tracks during that phase will get credited à la "special thanks" in the descriptions/credit fields.

And last but not least,

3. The battles will be week-long mini-majors instead of 4HBs. This should help with timezone and availability constraints, as well as basically making bigger projects/collaborations even possible at all.


The full ruleset README bulletin is coming soon. It's very similar to how it worked last time, though.
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post #136983 :: 2021.02.21 11:31am
  Jakerson and Maximemoring liēkd this
looking forward to this! very excited about which genres will be selected. lets see if i can participate in some of them. i should have time after march ^~^
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post #136988 :: 2021.02.21 12:40pm :: edit 2021.02.21 12:44pm
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Yes! week long mini-majors, or rather minors as I personally would call them. I'll try my best to participate :D
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post #136992 :: 2021.02.21 12:47pm
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Oooooooooooooo Weeeeeek Looooong Mini Maaaaajors >::::::D
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post #136997 :: 2021.02.21 1:13pm
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asikwus: minors are xhbs tho, they are called this way in the arena dropdown at the top
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post #137005 :: 2021.02.21 1:53pm :: edit 2021.02.21 1:54pm
  kleeder liēkd this
Oh right they do! didn't think of that much when exploring the site lol. Week Battle then >:D (a major battle)
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post #137061 :: 2021.02.22 1:46pm
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minor major (7th)
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post #137204 :: 2021.02.24 11:09am
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@jaxcheese minmaj13th or btfoo

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