another crazy idea: “Valhalla”
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post #136702 :: 2021.02.18 3:41am :: edit 2021.02.18 3:42am
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this website always have had a funny relation to songs “continuing after their immediate output”, since u can like the songs and also listen to them on the radio. pit battles do not exist yet, SO, this is my idea.....

WHEN U CLICK the “Valhalla” radio:

• two completely random songs will show up and play in both ears simultaneously. this is known as a “duel”. u can then press either left or right to solo the volume over to one of the two songs, to decide which song you like more. when you have voted on ur favourite song between the two by moving over to it, you can hit “enter”. this then records the result as either a “win”, a “lose”, or a “draw” (depending on which song you declared the victor, or whether you kept it in the middle)
• pairs will continue to be generated randomly for as long as u want to keep voting. probably u can get points doing this, if u dont abuse them lol
• a “duel record” will be kept on the song’s page, and a “total duel record” beneath each user.

this idea is based on those “character tiermaker” websites where you repeatedly vote on pairs of characters until it puts them in an order of preference. they work really well, but they need a lot of bouts to work properly for a single person. there are a lot of people here, and we can continue to devote ourselves to this over time! i think it would be a neat idea!
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post #136746 :: 2021.02.18 4:23pm
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you should be telling me this, not puke!!!
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post #136749 :: 2021.02.18 7:06pm
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hello tilde.... how is the COOL DUELLING WEBSITE going...
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post #137280 :: 2021.02.25 8:22am
How would this work with entries that aren't mono?
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post #137289 :: 2021.02.25 8:56am
wtf...,,, stereo music ... abstract concept
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post #137296 :: 2021.02.25 10:11am
well, ok, maybe they'd just both play at once and you could mute one of them. OR they'd be smushed into one ear (me replying to the thread on an alt account)

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