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Support Galgox on his new Ko-fi account!
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post #136660 :: 2021.02.16 4:11pm :: edit 2021.02.17 1:27am
  raphaelgoulart, FamicomForever, 2a03fox, pipe, Warlord and Baron Knoxburry liēkd this
Hello! I have read that in Texas, where Battle of the Bits' resident bubble dragon lives, today weather in has reached -15 degrees in Celsius scale, and 5 degrees in Fahrenheit scale, it is a below freezing temperature, roads are dangerous to drive by snow, and there are ongoing power outages; and as I noticed him made public a Ko-fi profile of his on his main SoundCloud profile, I thought that it might benefit him for so to be announced on a bulletin here!

Here is the URL for his profile in Ko-fi!

And an URL via where one may listen at a tune he announced it with himself, on his SoundCloud profile!

I would enormously appreciate that you support him, and send him and his family, and otherwise loved ones positive, and loving energies to support his safety, warmth, health, fed, and as well for them, and also for them to feel good! And also if you pray, that you pray for him, and them, too!
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post #136694 :: 2021.02.17 3:01pm :: edit 2021.02.17 6:42pm
can't redeem internet money when CPS Energy allots you 8min of electricity at a time

don't mind me, I'm just also suffering in Texas and am bitter about having so little electricity over the past few days
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post #136697 :: 2021.02.17 4:35pm :: edit 2021.02.17 9:56pm
  raphaelgoulart and Xyz liēkd this
So isn't the only way for! He may have access to a charged enough power battery for, or to either travel, or stay at a currently consistently enough powered nearby area for, or has a familiar who lives elsewhere currently is consistently enough powered for, and plans to travel where he is, to name a few of possibilities and factors that comes to my mind: He can be beneficed by any monetary support on this moment, and I consider that any possibility to be of support to the illustrious being, and Battle of the Bits' user Galgox is, specially in a period as hard as this, is definitely worth it by every means!

I also want to mention that his Ko-fi profile was made public on his main SoundCloud account before ongoing events where he resides, and by what it is currently written in, I am hinted at that any coffee would be greatly appreciated by!

I feel so sorry about what you are experiencing by: It is perfectly valid to feel as so, Xyz. I find myself wishing for your safety and well being;
picturing myself hugging you heartfully; and feeling positive thoughts for you, in my mind and heart.

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