"granular" mpt script
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post #136474 :: 2021.02.14 2:40pm :: edit 2021.02.14 3:10pm
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I made this script today to imitate granular synthesis in mpt (specifically for .it. .s3m, and .mptm formats):

The idea is that there is a playhead that goes either forwards or backwards, and random samples are chosen around that playhead. This can create interesting textures, depending on the source sample. You need python to run this.

Repeating from the readme:
This script takes 6 arguments: rowLen: the number of rows for playback, offsetEnd: the last offset in the last frame,
frameLen: 0 if there is only one frame, increment for additional frames
direction: 0 for forwards, 1 for backwards, 2 for totally random
offset randomness: 0 through 10, picks offsets randomly distributed around the playhead (increasing the randomness increases possible distance from the playhead, 0 is no randomness, and 10 is chaotic)
pan randomness: 0 through 10, increasing the value increases the probability of random pan

Note:this is intended to be used at high module speeds. This has not been thoroughly tested yet, and there are some bugs i still need to fix.

Also, it wouldn't be hard to make this support xm and mod as well, but it seemed like it would become a bit overbearing with all the config. And i dont use xm so i don't have any personal motive to implement that. but if anyone is interested in using it in .xm files i can add that
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post #136489 :: 2021.02.14 4:39pm
This is clever
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post #136650 :: 2021.02.16 12:48pm
perhaps xm would be great because milkytracker?
and as soon you publish a song using the script, please let us know! ;)
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post #136652 :: 2021.02.16 12:55pm
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