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post #136186 :: 2021.02.08 7:15am
  VirtualMan, damifortune and 2a03fox liēkd this
the latest LSDPatch from kotlinski features .lsdprj file format, which is essentially a combination of .lsdsng with custom kits from LSDj roms into one file. it can then be imported to a clean LSDj rom+sav so now you don't gotta worry about sharing a bunch of custom kits (or breaking LSDj's license by distributing a custom rom)
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post #136188 :: 2021.02.08 7:18am
  VirtualMan and mirageofher liēkd this
yes, but as a file type, not it's own separate format. i mean, maybe, but then my major entry from half an hour ago illegal
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post #136194 :: 2021.02.08 9:11am
  VirtualMan, nitrofurano, 2a03fox and damifortune liēkd this
I think that its no big secret that the gameboy format on Battle of the Bits is underdeveloped. The format, as it currently stands, is just kinda "whatever you can get out of a DMG-01" (even a simple mp3 is ok (which was originally provided because I, personally, didn't have any other way to get the music off that damn thing)). I have no issue adding various filetypes to this format. What's really important is that any user can easily hear the entry. Would be also cool if people could share sequences/programming.

That being said, since we also have Famitracker, 0cc Tracker, NTRQ, Deflemask, etc. formats, it probably wouldn't hurt to add a an LSDJ format too. Though we'd have to agree on what that means first.
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post #136196 :: 2021.02.08 10:13am
  damifortune liēkd this
i also only export mp3s from my dmg. maybe it would be fun to separate lsdj/nanoloop/deflemask since there are fairly substantial differences? unsure if that would convolute the format or if it would encourage people(i, for example, have never used nanoloop) to try out new things. tho nanoloop i suppose it more of a sequencer than a tracker.

idk tho i dont have much vision when it comes to this type of thing
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post #136198 :: 2021.02.08 10:57am :: edit 2021.02.08 11:00am
  VirtualMan and nitrofurano liēkd this
the biggest problem i always had about submitting mp3 is that theres no way to play it back on hardware again, while every other chip formats on botb require hardware compatible files and even gets people to downvote mp3-only-submissions. it feels very off, at least for me, to allow it for gameboy, especially while there are a lot of solutions to play back gameboy stuff, like gbs, gb and vgm (and people shared lsdj-songfiles as well iirc)

i get that this is because some people are actually unable to provide these files, when they run lsdj on their gameboy, even though they still made it on a real gameboy but then again, we also have ntrq as a native nes tracker format and submitting the .sav is required for this.

i also dont like how i would technically be unable to verify if a track was really made in LSDJ on a gameboy, or if it was just a VST in a DAW. is it still a gameboy track then? or just fakebit? (i dont wanna start this discussion here, its just what is on my mind everytime i see a mp3 gameboy submission)

i dont actually care about it that much, since im not a gameboy expert or maniac, but saying "mp3 not allowed" on over 60+ formats while keeping gameboy as an exception feels very arbitrary to me
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post #136199 :: 2021.02.08 11:11am :: edit 2021.02.08 2:40pm
  2a03fox and kleeder liēkd this
as of a few days ago there actually is a way to get .gbs out of LSDj now with lsdpack however with the most recent versions of LSDj, the software envelopes aren't supported in GBS players. that's not really an issue if you just want to play it on hardware (lsdpack can create playable .gb roms too and has been available for a couple of years already). edit: i should note that some very large songs may exceed the .gbs limitations

the idea was moreso that the source could be shared, including sample kits. if LSDj were its own format it would also be relevant to provide the LSDj version number otherwise in most cases the playback will not be consistent between major versions and are in some cases not forwards- or backwards-compatible
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post #136256 :: 2021.02.09 3:28pm
  2a03fox liēkd this
I definitely run an older version of LSDJ. The only way I know how to get anything off my cart is to combine all the songs into one .GB file. I've never put anything on the cart. I can personally understand the reason for the simplicity of .mp3 but I know some people get deeper with the program than I have in that way.

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