crazy idea: perpetual weekly “exhibition” majors
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post #136178 :: 2021.02.08 2:22am
  mirageofher, tonreihe, nitrofurano and Corell liēkd this
not sure what this wld entail, i think it would be like a themeless allgear that you could upload a (multiple?) song file(s?) to, which would be open for about a week; then voting would start on it, as another themeless allgear would open for a week, and so on.

ive been thinking about this because there is a very exciting xhb compo culture right now, but not as much in the way of “casually writing a song over a couple days and then having somewhere to send it in”. for example, if i just wrote a silly song and wanted to send it in somewhere besides soundcloud. THOUGH, i’m not saying we have to be hungry for every possible sound file that COULD be uploaded here but isnt. it is just an idea i thought about...!
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post #136180 :: 2021.02.08 2:49am
  mirageofher, qrqrqr0515_1, nitrofurano, damifortune, kfaraday and raphaelgoulart liēkd this
feels too much like the "where can i upload my song outside of battles"-thing.
i personally think this isnt what we should be aiming for.

maybe we should build on the general concept of this (hosting major battles)

someone, who hosted like ... idk,,, 7(?) successful battles of format x in the past month, is able to host a 2-week-compo of format x with 1 week submitting, 1 week voting.

i know that would be work, and the battle engine rewrite isnt done yet.

just saying that this feels more "in spirit" of this site to me.

we have the hour-battles now, we have monhtly battles, we have the BIG BIG majors, ((we even had 1-day battle more or less with advent calendar)) but the "per week"-spot is missing, so i agree with you that this is probably a thing that would make a nice addition.

wow this comment has almost no structure at all, but im too lazy to go back and edit it
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post #136187 :: 2021.02.08 7:16am
  kfaraday liēkd this
i feel like having majors at that frequency would stress me out tbhh
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The Easier Answer: There have already been talks of doing another Ultimate Hum, but instead of a weekly 4HB it would be a weekly submission period like your idea suggests. The packs would be a similar weekly visual prompt again, however, unlike what you said. And it would only run for 12 weeks instead of perpetually (until the next one).

The Harder Answer: I am wary of our limited resources. IF the site continues to grow in 2021 like it did in 2020 we'll most likely be in a space where multiple XHBs running simultaneously happens regularly. I want to say "the more the merrier," but it puts the whole archive at risk. I have no idea what the next barrier of size is where we get audited again. I just checked; we're at 120gb for all the entries and their renders rn. I was last investigated when my whole space hit 100gb. There isn't that much more than the botb stuff on there in comparison.... tbh I really like this idea of just upload whatever every week and botb will host it indefinitely, but I don't want to wind up like soundcloud either. Basically, if we got pushed into any other paid hosting solution all the money (or at least most of it) coming in would go to that. If we put features like this behind a paywall then botb becomes a business more or less too which isn't (what I think) what we want either.
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post #136200 :: 2021.02.08 11:32am
  qrqrqr0515_1, tonreihe, argarak, kleeder and puke7 liēkd this
thank you, i appreciate the reply...! a weekly hum-like major series would be very cool. (i didnt mean to psych anybody out with this thread btw, since i know everything runs on everyone’s good will n not “content creation” lol. i want to make a cool contribution to the website soon...)
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post #136207 :: 2021.02.08 1:49pm
  big lumby and kfaraday liēkd this
i think if they were 'perpetual' then people would possibly lose interest in them as a whole or get burnt out, if they only occurred sometimes (such as this proposed Hum II) then they are a special thing people will want to participate in.

as a whole i do like this idea though, and i like kleeder's version where users of a certain qualification can host such a weekly major themselves, though yes that sounds like a ton of work to code into existence
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big lumby
post #136362 :: 2021.02.12 5:04pm :: edit 2021.02.12 5:05pm
  kfaraday liēkd this
hum ii would work mainly because it's more in the vein of advent calendar: an event that people will want to take part in. if there's just major after major after major after major and so on, people would very much get burnt out, i feel. bingeing battles is not the way! the code i feel like already exists tho, since advent was a major with daily formats...just extend it to be a week per theme and you'd be set. iunno, maybe that's just me thinking too idealistically?
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post #136373 :: 2021.02.12 11:26pm
  kfaraday liēkd this
the ac code exists but is very hardcoded and not dynamic at all.

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