botb dum smarties thread
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post #134526 :: 2021.01.12 8:53pm
this thread is to post about being a dum smarty

what have u done that is dum but nerd?
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post #134527 :: 2021.01.12 9:29pm
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you go first
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post #134528 :: 2021.01.12 9:32pm
a couple days ago i forgot that chroots don't have window system access and set up a chroot for some new testing that i shouldn't have done in a chroot, didn't realize until today
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post #134529 :: 2021.01.12 9:34pm
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i mixed protein powder into my protein pancake batter for XTRA SWOLE. and you have to shut up because it actually worked
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post #134530 :: 2021.01.12 9:35pm
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I tried to implement a data structure with void pointers
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one time my friend said i should listen to some Drake b-sides because he thought my drum mixing was similar, and i had never heard drake so i clicked the "download" button on spotify, forgetting that i had recently emptied my phone.

i then boarded a flight to puerto rico so the only thing i could listen to was the drake discography. there was no service in PR, so i listened to some more drake here and there. after about a week, i woke up hungover and just barely made it to the plane in time. i got on the plane and realized i completely forgot to remedy the whole drake is the only music on my phone thing and re-listened to the entire discog on the way home

so now when people say things like "drake only has hits" or "i dont know any drake" i can say with relative confidence that i know every drake song ever released
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post #134553 :: 2021.01.13 6:51am
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I mean, I figured out how to make tide pod flavored vape liquid for your vapable gameboy of course. that worth somthing
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post #134568 :: 2021.01.13 11:10am
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@tael wow that sounds torturous :P I’m a golden era/old school hip hop head though, so I have unreasonable levels of hate for drake (because I hate things that are wack)

I had a similar experience a looong time ago (2007), where my gf at the time forgot to load her ipod with music for our road trip, so we basically only had madonna to listen to the whole way there and back (our destination was a natural hot springs place without internet). I think we couldn’t really listen to the radio either because reception sucked on the PCH. Boonus points for guessing the destination based on these facts
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post #134569 :: 2021.01.13 11:25am
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was it Big Sur

gimme my boonus points
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post #134572 :: 2021.01.13 11:59am
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Region is correct! I think I didn’t give enough info as to the specific place, since there might be other hot springs around there :)
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post #134579 :: 2021.01.13 2:14pm
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YEAHHH grazie for boonus! i've spent a lot of time in that area over the years, my dad's from nearby in Salinas. really pretty part of the country, love to drive down the PCH
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post #134581 :: 2021.01.13 3:20pm
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figured out how to use buffers and functions in bytebeat, but used that knowledge to make ugly noises
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post #134582 :: 2021.01.13 3:39pm
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I found a hybrid between the US and EU ROMs inside of a tamagotchi
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post #134621 :: 2021.01.14 11:05am
for my last university-level but pre-university computing science course, I needed to do a project (taking up about 1/2 of the year) to demonstrate what we learned in the course. traditionally people selected to make a quiz using VB6. however, past me was overly ambitious and instead of choosing the obvious, I instead decided to build an electronic device that could load quiz files from json and an editor that would allow you to create your own quizzes for the device.

so I spent far too long designing the circuit and choosing all the components. the device had a nokia 3310 screen, gameboy-style button layout, programmer interface, micro usb, avr microcontroller, lithium polymer battery charger/controller, buzzer, status leds... all kinds of over-the-top features. spent around 150 pounds on components and the circuit board, and many hours of my free/study time (luckily I had fewer subjects that year).

components arrived and I got to soldering everything together. first things first, one of the components got really hot and started smoking, iirc it was the buck boost converter. couldn't get anything to work, I think the only thing that did was the battery part of the circuit.

so I had to pivot, changed my entire quiz creator software to remove any features related to device programming, and hurriedly wrote a javascript web-based quiz player that worked with the json files that the creator output. after thorough testing and finishing the project report and documentation (meticulously detailing every test procedure, project requirements etc. and totaling 17k words) I submitted the project.

few months later, I find that I got a C in the course.
there are still remains of this project on my github..
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post #134653 :: 2021.01.14 11:14pm
im just dumb lol

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