Bug Report: OHB Page breaks when Vote Form should get loaded
BotB Academy Bug Reports and Feature Requests
Level 31 Chipist
post #134090 :: 2021.01.03 11:41pm
  mirageofher, FamicomForever and Luigi64 liēkd this

works fine when im logged out.
my main account cant access the battle page no matter what.
if i tally the battle via direct link, the page loads for every other acc(?) except mine (im the host). i cant access the tally nor can i close the battle via direct link. after i extended voting (via direct link) the battle page went white for everyone else again (except guests)
Level 21 Mixist
post #134094 :: 2021.01.04 1:45am
  ASIKWUSpulse, kfaraday, kleeder and Jakerson liēkd this
Pls.. i want my s3xmodit badge.......

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