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post #134048 :: 2021.01.03 11:26am :: edit 2021.01.03 11:35am
(or making sub-formats while keeping the original)

Okay, so while going through the A capella major (which is full of great stuff btw), I've realized that there is a huge gap between what is pretty much a Youtube Poop Music Video, and others which are more like the typical a capella where each track are closer to a single (or few) long recordings which aren't really processed that much

So I'd like to request a split:

- One format for what is pretty much like most other sampled chiptune or YTPMVs, centered around short samples of vocals, effects and pitch control (and personally it should not limit to your voice only, but to just people's or character's vocals in general)
(example, viravav)

- One format which is more centered around actual singing and chorus rather than sampling, limiting stuff like pitch control
(example OPM)
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post #134052 :: 2021.01.03 11:45am
  FamicomForever, kfaraday and Maximemoring liēkd this
the former just falls under remix i think. why not restrict the vocal format to the latter instead?
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post #134053 :: 2021.01.03 11:58am :: edit 2021.01.03 12:17pm
Hmm, well, that could solve the issue, though prehaps to keep the YTPMVs alive (yes pls), a remix-like sub-format for pooped vocals could still be created?
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post #134054 :: 2021.01.03 12:03pm :: edit 2021.01.03 12:04pm
  raphaelgoulart liēkd this
i downvoted all ytpmv-entries in acapella because they entirely miss the theme imo (i dont wanna discuss this here, its just my personal opinion okay...)

the acapella theme was a subtheme of vocal. you can easily add this as a bitpack rule whenever you host vocal. and you can tag the entries with acapella to make sorting easier.
ytpmv-styled entries (though in this case, the video part is missing, and the youtube as well... so its just a pm i guess.... poop music.) are totally fine in vocal and can also be forced by a clear bitpack rule.

vocal is already a sub-theme format of allgear, you can basically add formats for every genre out there but its missing the point of bitpacks then. you could technically add a format for every possible bitpack.

...but u could also just use a bitpack to get what u want
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post #134055 :: 2021.01.03 12:10pm :: edit 2021.01.03 12:20pm
  kfaraday liēkd this
poop music... sounds like the perfect format name!!! BotBr poop!!!

But yeah, as you can make tons of completely different bitpacks with just the poop.. subgenre. For the sake of making it more straight-forward to know what is expected, a "poop" format would be great.
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post #134059 :: 2021.01.03 12:29pm
  Blue_Christmas and Maximemoring liēkd this
feels liek the voice part should have an integrity to it and not be played like a sample; so im with maxi n trreck's opinion of "ytpmv" music being more suited to a remix format. though its hard to enforce any clear boundary on a computer (would "autotune"/"dsp processing" etc fall under a lack of integrity...?), so i like the bitpack/"free market voting pressure" solution as well

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