request/discussion: "signalist" formats?
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post #134020 :: 2021.01.03 1:00am :: edit 2021.01.03 1:01am
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with the addition of VCVrack and Pure Data as formats, BotB now has a few "mixist" formats where the focus is less on sample-based composition and more about constructing elaborate algorithms and DSP chains. bytebeat and bytebeat1k fit under this umbrella as well.*

so, to that end--since this group of formats feel fundamentally different from other mixist formats (at least to me), perhaps they should be categorized as something new. maybe they should give "signalist" points?

*sunvox is a bit of an edge case, as it bridges mixist and the proposed "signalist" formats
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post #134021 :: 2021.01.03 1:10am
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i think this makes sense and i support this idea!

i was never happy about bytebeat being a mixist format, but its not really belonging to codist as well and is too obscure for just being chipist imo, probably same for vcv and pd
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post #134078 :: 2021.01.03 4:35pm
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Just adding my +1 for a Signalist class :)

I agree with kleeder on bytebeat not being a Codist format. I like to think of bytebeat being defined more by mathematical expressions/functions rather than code even though there's a lot of overlap between the two, if that makes any sense... (no idea how else to better describe it hah)

And obviously bytebeat doesn't represent or pretend to be any actual sound chip(s) so Chipist doesn't make sense either.
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post #134172 :: 2021.01.05 5:21pm
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...gonna need a class icon....
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post #134174 :: 2021.01.05 6:22pm
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I support this as well. also hot take, bytebeat is new channelf
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post #134175 :: 2021.01.05 10:35pm
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class icon ohb time >:)
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post #134215 :: 2021.01.06 9:07pm
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post #134222 :: 2021.01.07 4:24am
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I and argarak (unofficially The A Team :p) made an icon too before the OHB happened also. If puke can't decide, we can do a photomash OHB with the two images :p (lol idk just an idea)
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post #134257 :: 2021.01.07 6:19pm :: edit 2021.01.07 6:19pm
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these icons are fantastic!

one question remains in my mind though--is sunvox a signalist format? I would appreciate input from people w/ more sunvox experience than I
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big lumby
post #134261 :: 2021.01.07 9:42pm
from what i've used of sunvox, it's a mix between signalist and mixist considering that it has a ton of the things that makes modular modular, whilst also having stuff like samplers and sequencers (trackers, in this case) -- things more associated with mixist formats. i'd say it's more of a mixist format due to these inclusions and how instrumental they are in other formats like s3xmodit and renoise, but an argument could be made towards the modular aspects being just as instrumental as the sequencing in sunvox, so it's hard to say. i've felt it more of a mixist format myself, but that's just me.
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post #134262 :: 2021.01.07 10:04pm
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sunvox has xm import, which can be used for botb entries and has been used in the past. since you ""skip"" the signal part of it completely by doing this, i guess it makes more sense to keep it as mixist.

a sunvox noob, who actually has no idea how sunvox works and only uses xm-import
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post #134297 :: 2021.01.08 1:55pm
  xterm, damifortune, ASIKWUSpulse, petet, doctorn0gloff, kleeder, mirageofher, big lumby, funute and argarak liēkd this
new point type (and class) created
attached it to the following formats: bytebeat, bytebeat1k, pd, & vcv

not sure about transferring points across types but points awarded going forward should be accurate (i hope lolololololol)
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post #134316 :: 2021.01.09 2:20am :: edit 2021.01.09 2:21am
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will there be a ranking for signalist in the top 10 classists page?

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