botb: circuit benders?
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post #132553 :: 2020.12.13 10:51pm
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Any circuit benders on here by chance?
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post #132559 :: 2020.12.13 11:42pm
I'm curious to know what a circuit bender is :o
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post #132583 :: 2020.12.14 6:52am :: edit 2020.12.14 6:53am
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I once (mostly) fixed and circuit bent a previously broken Casio PT-1 I got from ebay, which I got mostly to see if I could fix it in the first place. it has 2 added potentiometer controls, one which controls pitch and the other modulates the sound in some way. the switch changes it from sounding normal to sounding like a zx spectrum beeper heh, I think it's pretty neat. I should get some footage of it but I don't really have that kind of setup for video atm.

Also, I once picked up a yamaha pss 6 keyboard for circuit bending as it's purely digital which means there's a greater chance of getting some crazy glitchy stuff from it. I haven't done any circuit bending to it yet, but I did once try running it on low voltage and it already sounded crazy just by doing that!
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post #132591 :: 2020.12.14 12:12pm :: edit 2020.12.19 11:01pm
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Maximemoring circuit bending is just modifying gear with a soldering iron or bananna clips. Like a speak n spell w midi or a Casio Sk-1 with a pitch mod knob/ patchbay to make it like a ghetto modular pretty much. You could get a gameboy or speak n spell for example, and solder on midi kits fpr example thats in the realm of circuit bending

Argarak, yep explained a nother way to do that the pss 6 is a 'viable and good example' of modified gear

Here's a youtube video of a Circuit Bent gear performance:
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post #135492 :: 2021.01.27 3:42am
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I love circuit bending! I can't say it's something ive done a heck ton vs lsdj, but my current project cat piano
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post #137139 :: 2021.02.23 5:57pm
That's neat in a couple years we'll have to host a circuit bent batel perhaps
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post #137149 :: 2021.02.23 10:51pm
Is this part of that Avatar cartoon I have heard so much about?
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post #137803 :: 2021.03.02 6:55am
not a circuit bender myself but i would love to see a circuit bending format lol
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post #138048 :: 2021.03.04 2:54pm
might be a bit inaccessible for a lot of peoples heheh, plus I don't think i'd be happy buying more toy keyboards from ebay these days for circuit bending compos... that's just absurd

peoples should definitely share their bends though, plus the weird sounds can be used for remix compos!

(i will eventually document my pt1 bend but it's very low priority for me rn, gotta have more free time!)

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