Format Request: Commodore PET
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post #132370 :: 2020.12.11 4:02am :: edit 2020.12.29 5:29pm
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good evening!
this came up in the chatz today and it looks pretty dope:

i wonder why noone shared this before, but anyway.

it comes with a xm-to-bin py-converter and the bin can be converted to an executable .prg file that runs perfectly in vice with 64tass. (the readme that comes with the converter is all u need here)

the music you can do with it is pretty cool (as u can hear in the video already) and i just tested it myself. works without issues.
i transcribed the first pattern of my old channelf entry for this

we already have vic20, sid, ted and amiga. it would make sense to have PET as well here.
it would be a great addition to winterchip 16, am i right? ;D

edit: format icons (rightclick, save as)
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post #132371 :: 2020.12.11 4:04am
This is cool. Thou i can't still get the converter to work. Maybe I'm dumb.
(btw just sayin im the guy who sent it in chat. i just wander around YT and saw it lul.)
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Jessica Robo
post #132374 :: 2020.12.11 5:47am
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I'm down! I converted a little demo too but it is pretty rough. Thanks for bringing this up A64 :)
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post #132469 :: 2020.12.12 3:28pm
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this topic reminds me when i tried this:
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post #133377 :: 2020.12.26 2:42pm :: edit 2020.12.26 2:42pm
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needwant this in winrar chops!!! :O
(i also made icon/trophies because i was bored: (rightclick, save )
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post #133383 :: 2020.12.26 3:43pm
  kleeder liēkd this
about the conversion process, i think it would be not that difficult to have an easier converter, only working with binary parts (header, loader and converted song), all concatenated in a final binary file without the need of compiling (assembly language) everything - i actually were trying that day - what i struggled a lot was on trying the final file on emulators, even from the previous battles
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post #148127 :: 2021.10.23 11:09pm
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--> bump <--
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post #148133 :: 2021.10.24 2:21am
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oh hell yeah, more weird ass beeper formats

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