OpenMPT- Why I Gravitate TOwards it
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In searching for the perfect trackers to participate in the upcoming Winterchip event on Botb I've been mainly focusing on OpenMpt and Famitracker. Why not the trackers that I've had way more success in? I want to fit in in the Snes sense at this point and Famitracker has it as close to a Nsf song that I'm ever going to get. Snes music as far as I'm concerned requires and Snes soundfont and Mpt (Basically?). Making that style has always been a concern for me, actually having aspirations myself to design a Snes style game both for Pc and ROM rip/ use with Snes Usb controller on computer if nobody ever goes through with the cartridge.
I'm assuming that finecrafting your sample pack and studying musical notation would be a wonderful start; Yea Vidogame is coming up in 4 hours, and this will be a place to practice Snes-Style music; I'm mentioned this before.
I've also got an interest in designing an native tracker for the new Atari system as well. I'm really not sure how far that idea will go. I just think it would be neat to make a ZxSpectrum song on the new Atari, however many years later.
Mpt is open source so whatever I need it to do, to sync with Midi for example, this can all be altered if I need another port or multiple ports or to input my CC data to change the effects column paramaters in another way.
Winterchip will feature many several formats I'm sure, and I've recently come to the reaization that between .wav .mp3 and, any format that I choose for Algear, Wildchip and Fakebit-- that's exactly what I'm looking for in an online compo/fest/batel watever it is.
I've looked at the quality of my chips go up after I've begun to be open-minded about midi soundfonts and drum machines and the like; believe it or not I've always used homemade, sometimes quacky samples. I was really surprized that I could notice the differece in the sound and the feel of the chiptunes between Milkytracker, protrekkr, and Mpt. Couldn't believe it. I stuck with the one that I thought sounded the least quality-- Mpt really made me go face-to-face with some of my more floppy, out-of-tune samples which, although have asthetic value as -glitch -code -synthhits, when repeated over and over and modulated with Xm effects, really never get to where I want them to be. So I switched to more recognizable soundfonts with the more artistic ones sprinked in-- and I'm facing that I need to learn music notation a little more closely than what I'm doing right now.
Open Mpt has a neat feature that kick-starts it on the first midi-note played. Why should anyone care about this? Because you could sync Mpt to a Multitrack recorder that has midi-out on a note. Trackers are notoriously difficult for me to sync up with anything, but I'm sure that it could be done. So this feature gave me encouragement to keep at it, and that I actually have a format that is accepted on multiple websites to work with.
I've changed the color scheme the way I want it; I use the coral color scheme that highlights every fourth hit. Very nice; it works out great to see the note data entry. Now developing a little more patience with the note data entry is expediated by Mpt's effects paramater/column change capabilites. For example, I may paste up to 16 columns of volume or note data, and change the data by using Ctrl+r or Ctrl+Q or scrolling the mouse wheel. THen I can take all of my effects sequences and tone them down or crank them up a bit.
Sometimes there's a delay on the snare when you save a song in Mpt; I simply open the song up with Milkytracker and hit save and that repairs that; haven't quite figured out which Fx does that but one of them has memory and repeats. Mpt's ability to render Mid-and lo-fi wav files is also nice as well.
My next piece of gear I'm looking at is the Arturia Beatstep pro to sequence Vst data, Record lots of synth samples and Sequence Wav files, and load them all into Templates for Mpt. I want to have a very diverse sound pallate to work with, yet to have a commonly sourced Vst, such as Arturia's emulations of hardware synths. I like the Modular V that one has always worked for me.
The reason I wrote this is to generate a little more interest in Mpt music, although Im sure there's lots of people who have already extensively used Mpt on here.
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I love OpenMPT conceptually but every time I go back to it it's a few hours of keybinding and relearning because a lot of it is so far removed from modern DAW practices

there is no way to have a cursor behavior where you can use the same button to play from pattern beginning AND stop if it's playing. RIP
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Yah U would have to customize it alot and basically put alot of work into it I understand what your saying
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Tbh i absolutely love OpenMPT and i switch between it and FL Studio without a single issue. I seriously hope you don't use the default key binding, it's awful lol
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OpenMPT is great except in just one thing: it's hard to hear a sound from it when running on Wine (at least on GNU/Linux, i didn't try on OSX and other operating systems yet - and since i don't use windoze, i can't hear a thing from it at all - i wonder why, since VortexTracker and FamiTracker works perfectly fine on Wine) - a feature that i would love to see in all trackers, not only VortexTracker, FamiTracker and their derivatives, is to easily open/save/import/export a txt file, this provides us a huge independence from whatever tracker (something we can't do at all on DefleMask, for example, unless we code our own converters, and this would kill the composing iteration process a lot...), and helps you to start composing from one tool and editing/improving on another - sadly, on OpenMPT we can have txt support only in its clipboard (which is not bad at all, anyway)

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