doing science (pls help and give data)
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post #131132 :: 2020.11.21 2:57pm
  sean, xterm and amelia liēkd this
i was supposed to do a english assignemnt but then i thought. How many users on this site have the same birth and burfday? Like, both days are the same. If this was a perfect world it should be about 1/365 (i think? idk probabilities) but i dont think it will actually be that. I will be surprised if we find anyone that responds that has matching days tbh. But still, science will prevale.

Pls submit ur botb username (ur main, no alts pls), ur burfday and ur birthday. but only if you want to. thx :-)
Level 17 Mixist
post #131133 :: 2020.11.21 3:00pm
  sean and mirageofher liēkd this
oh btw you dont have to put the year. just month/day is good

also i am not being payed by google. do not ask again
Level 22 Chipist
post #131139 :: 2020.11.21 5:24pm
  maJsty14, sean, Xyz and amelia liēkd this
  FamicomForever hæitd this
it's "prevail". do your english assignment. ;)
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post #131140 :: 2020.11.21 6:54pm
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post #131143 :: 2020.11.21 9:12pm
  Tilde, FamicomForever, sean and xterm liēkd this
top codist user nimo has burf == birthday, thats why i added him to ur list. he actually only did that so that i never forget his birthday again

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