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post #130491 :: 2020.11.12 3:06am
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hey! it's been a while huh?
before you ask any questions, i do realize the events of round 4 are unignorable in a sense, so before anything is said here, let me properly address the situation. i'll make it as brief as possible in case you've heard it all before.
tl;dr at teh ednz!11!1

yes, i have been parasited. no, it is not a bad thing: in fact, i'm surprised i've gone so long without doing something to incur this ailment. the simplest way i can put it is that i slipped in my tact and the botb administration has punished me effectively. sucks, but given that there is a ruleset to upkeep, i can't and won't come to any other conclusion that is fit other than a just punishment. i must at the very least give my thanks to kleeder and all of the other admins for upholding the rules of battle of the bits and coming to a natural, justified resolution on this matter. simply put, corruption loses another day!

now that we have addressed the inavoidable, let us get down to the brass tacks of the situation. i won't be able to host, at the very least, visufall rounds 5 and 6. in fact, there might be events that'll also bar me from hosting some rounds beyond 6. however, it would be inexcusable to simply not host rounds 5 and 6 whilst i'm ailed, and as such i've reached out to colleagues and friends who i believe can, in my place, host visufall for the time being.

now, i can say with certainty that all of the people i have talked to participated in visufall at least once as of round 4. all of them have expressed that they are capable of hosting it, with some making slight concessions (boon financing, timeslot shifting) if indeed they host. i've considered all of my options thoroughly, weighing each of their pros and cons, and come to a conclusion.

ominpigeonmaster will be the head interim host of visufall, effective november 15th.

this is a process that i have delegated to my personal time, and as such is the first that most if not all botbrs will hear on this matter. i had in mind 4 people, each of whom were quite close in terms of choice differential, as well as quite capable and willing to host in my stead.

- castlenes: hostist of multiple series and extraordinary pixelist. he has had an outstanding record of great battle after great battle, and was only narrowly beaten out by my final choice.
- sean: amazing grafxist and pixelist alike. a talent that is unmatched in the scene, they would be a natural artistic leader figure of sorts.
- mirageofher: a n00b wonder and wonderful grafxist. she has shown a bright enthusiasm and real joy in partaking in battles ever since joining the site.

however, it is not as if these people will not play a role. i have taken into account the possibility that opm might not be able to host for that round, leaving the hosting role open. as such, i'm proposing a solid countermeasure to this; one that i feel would effectively tackle this issue head-on.

i would like to create a group dm for me and the interim hosts to plan out the future visufall rounds by the 14th.

now, like i said, this has been a personal matter, meaning this is going to come off as a surprise to most(if not all). to those who might possibly be confused, annoyed, and/or angry with me and my silence on this matter -- i sincerely apologize if the way i have dealt with these matters have been secretive and therefore have taken you by surprise. however, i feel like this is the most appropiate way to deal with these matters, considering that visufall is a community-based effort with many factors to deal with. having just one interim host and that's it wouldn't be enough of an answer to the problem of missing rounds in my opinion; therefore, i feel as if a group dm between the potential hosts would work better than having a tangled network of seperate dms between me and the hosts to go through.

now, how this team dm will work is...uhh, a work in progress? it's not a complete plan, but i hope it's sufficient.

- firstly, all those who have been considered to host will be a part of this dm. this includes head interim host opm.
- a hosting priority list will be in effect. this list is as follows: host > head interim > interim. any interim host can host in the stead of the head interim, given that a majority agrees on it or the head interim explicitly chooses that person to host for them.
- bitpacks will be sent through the group dm. this is to ensure that each host has the bitpack if and when they host the battle. not only that, but bitpacks from now on can be subject to editing by any host.
- visufall rounds shall now only be held at a maximum of 1 hour from the designated timeslot. this is to help ensure that hosts will be around to observe the battle and be around to tally results by the end.
- lastly, visufall rounds can be preempted upwards of 1 hour if the host so desires. this is another measure to ensure a cleaner tact when handling a battle then was 'used' in round 4.

again, i apologize if this is all so sudden for people to handle. this is why i'm merely proposing this to be done on the 14th, so that the people who are to join have time to prepare for the sudden shift. i can delay it to the 16th - 18th if people so want, however i feel it would interfere with round 5 in a sense.

in the days following the 8th, i've reassessed my strategy in continuing with visufall. in the past, i imagined this as a lone passion project completely helmed by me. in the present, i cannot see this as a viable option, due to the errors of a single leader leading to be catastrophic if continued upon. visufall is a community event, and as such i would like to have the community play a hand in the event as much as i have. without this community, i don't think i'd ever have the courage to try music or art in any more artistic or serious capacity than i had up until that point, much less the courage to organize an event like this.

tl;dr for teh bizziez
- i'm a big dum dum
- opm, castlenes, sean, and mirage are all interim hosts for visufall with opm as head interim host
- i'm planning on forming a team in order to make sure a situation like round 4 is avoided again
- i love you all <3 <3 <3

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hello lumby, thank you for teh thread.

i too agree with the appropriate action that has been taken with regards to the transgressing of the very clear website rules with regards to the appropriate ohb hosting etiquette, with no loss of good affection and happiness for all parties, as the very clear website rules are tailored towards teh common good of all parties, such as:

1) honing a discipline for at all times, helming simultaneously the creation of, the entering and the subsequent tallying of the ohb, such as it also pertainings to the social and ritual qualities of being a "host".
2) honing a more general discipline of always following through on vows.

with these two well-ordered principles in mind and in understanding of your clear and comprehending repentance of the matter, i agree that "having a collective dm to decide the collective hosters of the visufall ohbs weeks 5 and 6" sounds like a very good idea. HOWEVER, as a pastoral "aide" (
), i am obliged to provide the fruits of my own contemplation on this matter, which is that the dialect of MERE discourse in for example, a "dm group", may not be enough, and may require a different solution


my possible solution is that a properly ordered ritual to determine the people who will host "fallgear weeks 5 and 6 ohb" may be decided by a preliminary visufall ohb, wherein a character must give a convincing statement of their lived morals according to appropriate ohb hosting, perhaps in a speech bubble of some kind. after a collective vote on the convincingness of said arguments (and artistic skill), the winning party may win the chance to host the visufall round 5 (and possibly round 6) ohb.

if the idea were to be acted on (the idea is optional, and does not need to be acted on)

this preliminary ohb would have to be on the either the thirteenth or the fourteenth of november, in order to properly complement the regularity of the visufall ohb's timing window of happening on the fifteenth. this idea may be supported by 'liēking' this post, OR it may be opposed (and lumby's, or another botbr's solution supported) by 'hæiting' this post.


thank you, thats all !!! i love you too!!! all no00bs !!!
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post #130493 :: 2020.11.12 3:42am
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(thinks) WAIT never mind your idea is cooler. forget my post
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big lumby
post #130495 :: 2020.11.12 3:52am
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i'll keep this in mind for visufall 2
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post #130503 :: 2020.11.12 8:29am
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ehehe we love you too lumby<3 <3 <3
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post #130514 :: 2020.11.12 10:45am
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you guys have a weird culture
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post #130536 :: 2020.11.12 10:10pm
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Lumby, I understand the grievous violation of mores according to the Lyceum Dogmatic Texts, and I thank you for performing the nineteen whips of self-flagellation necessary to repent for your actions. That said, a successor host for Visuall will be all but impossible to find due to it being a recent format that requires virginity to host (or a silver badge or higher). The only candidates in the user table worthy of these conditions would need to reach level 34, a feat greater than any of us have yet managed. But there is a catch: Thousands of years ago, the beautiful and wonderful moderators saw fit to convert all badges to boons. It is possible that such a thing can take place again.

Because of this, I believe you can still host Visufall despite being parasited. By invoking the Triple Cheese Dip format inversion, available to those with the html badge, your virginity can be restored and the parasite suspended for nine minutes. Because battles can be set up ahead of time, you can use that nine minutes to host all the battles. Once that's done, you must log into keffie's account, racing against the clock to favorite enough of your own songs to cover the boons lost. You will no longer be worthy to host on any account as a result of this process, but you'll likely ascend to Super BotBr status. If that happens, you can trade your Super BotBr badge to puke in exchange for diffusing your sin onto all existing BotBrs, essentially leaving you with only as much moral wrong as failing No Nut November.
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post #130538 :: 2020.11.12 11:06pm
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